President Goodluck Jonathan: The Unsustainable, The Scandalous and The Liability of a Country

by ahjotnaija

  • President Goodluck Jonathan: The Unsustainable, The Scandalous and The Liability of a Country

  • Without mincing words, President Jonathan is no more sustainable. The truth is, Nigerians, for who they are, long-suffering and patient, had only bourne President Jonathan’s many mis-steps so far in the hope that there will be an end to these series of daily naked-dancing in the open space. Instead of a regress, the situation has only gone from bad to worse, deepening in depths and shades of absurdities day by day. One scandal topples the other. It was only yesterday I submitted that we shall very soon be entertained to another yet absurd event! And here we are witnessing another absurdity; one which if well instigated has the signatory of presidential approval!
  • There is no doubt that President Goodluck Jonathan has always been a liability of a President for Nigeria. Beyond the fact that his aides and people with whom he surrounds himself are real bad-eggs and “below contempt” like one Facebooker put, President Jonathan is a man of no good to Nigeria. His aides and many of his bad supporters only made his unacceptability a case of a terribly dirty and stinking pap-seller, who enjoys patronage of buyers out of sheer pity, who however felt, the pap enjoys so much popularity and patronage cut down real hard on the quantity and quality but demanding same or even wanting a higher price. What a shameless and tactless attitude! I have never been in doubt that Mr. Reno Omokri could stoop even lower than he did in playing his masters tone, but I had so far left this to my imaginations alone. The fact however that he indeed pulled off this kind of trick in the name of scoring political points leaves a real bad taste in the mouth. I wait patiently until it becomes clear who exactly ordered Mr. Reno Omokri to go ahead with the scandalous publication. He could not even use his real identity. Mr. Reno Omokri became another man, just like that! What a fraud he is!
  • One needs no more to cover the mouth with the proverbial leaf when talking about how despicable President Jonathan is. The Yoruba adage says, the elder who tied to his waist a maize-cob has clearly and willingly chosen to make himself a targeted victim of fowls. Such an elder need not cry for pity when he is being pecked! The removal of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi (SLS) as Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is bad enough, now going a step further in the smear campaign against the personality of SLS is absolutely the height of madness and shame! President Goodluck Jonathan has made himself with the act absolutely unsustainable as President of Nigeria. If we live in a country where true democracy is practised, even the still loyal Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members in the Senate and House of Representative will not wait for the opposition to initiate an impeachment motion before jumping to vote him out of office.
  • A president who must resort to name-calling, and will not even care if any of the accusations be truth or false, but singularly interested in achieving a blind and dangerous goal of discrediting perceived political enemies, is clearly not worthy of the office of president of Nigeria. Undoubtedly, the occupiers of that exalted office in recent times in Nigeria have tended to make the office loose so much respect and awe, but President Jonathan glaringly took this disrepute to new heights with his various actions, shameful displays, disjointed and unco-ordinated talks and gaffes and many-at-times shameful outbursts. How on earth will a reasonable person deem it fit to allow the publication of a statement based on lie, generated out of sheer fairy machinations and extremely thin air? The various claims made in the said article attributed to Mr. Reno Omokri, a man whose bill is being paid from Nigerians’ tax-payers money and from Nigeria’s oil revenue, are nothing but outright wind-chasing accusations! I wait for President Jonathan to comment on this. He certainly would feign innocence and that he authorised no such thing. I want to tell Mr. President already that he could go tell his imbecillistic story to the birds of the sky. Nigerians will not be taken for a ride this time around.
  • To put this smear-scandal into perspective. A good follower of history will understand the context into which this smear-campaign-scandal against the person of SLS belongs. Readers will only have to remember President Richard Nixon of the United States of America and the Watergate Scandal which eventually led to the latter’s resignation as President, in a last minute bid to avoid impeachment. Prior to that time, the president had been a terror nearly to everyone who dared to oppose him, both openly and in private. Even perceived enemies were victimised and made to pay for their “stupidity”.
  • Now, come to think of it, is this not exactly the same card President Jonathan is playing? Remember Justice Salami of the Appeal Court? Removed! Remember the Journalist who reported that President Jonathan missed his slot in the AU-Conference? One of President Jonathan’s attack dog, in the person of Dr. Reuben Abati released a statement full of abuse, name-calling and was not short on calling for the head of the man! And still very much fresh is this: Remember the embattled Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi? President Jonathan’s self-appointed and paid police commissioner, Mr. Joseph Mbu did stop at nothing to tell the world that he was acting as the president’s boy while he terrorised sanity out of and nightmare into the poor governor! The list of scandal, intimidation and systematic elimination of opponents, both in and outside President Jonathan’S party, goes on and on! One can only wonder who the next victim of President Jonathan campaign of calumny and hate-spreading will be! We need not wait any longer before we move decisively against a tyrant.
  • President Jonathan has clearly made a choice. He is bent on dancing naked. He has refused to be covered, even when offered for his nakedness to be covered! In fact, he is playing his own drum while he danced! President Jonathan is clearly pursuing undemocratic measures and democratically unacceptable moral standards. The people must tell on whose side they are. On the side of morality, sanity and democracy or will the people and particularly the representatives of the people in the Senate and House of Rep choose to stick to a man damaged in his reputation and a liability to the office of president, which he presently occupies?!
  • Clearly, it is now beyond reasonable doubt that President Goodluck Jonathan is unsustainable as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria! He is scandalous and a liability for the wellbeing of our Federation! Let us remove him now!
  • I rest my case for now while we await further disclosures in and of the unfolding scandal!