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For those that feel this title looks like a Nollywood sequel, please avail yourself this glorious opportunity and read Prophet Hounge’s previous sermon here

Few months ago, Prophet Hounge went into a trance where the spirit revealed to him that he had separate himself from the hustle and bustle of earthly living and go to a place where he will commune with the spirit on a face-me-I-face-you basis. So, he headed to Mount Orijin with his Harp, so he could sing praises while playing it. Just like Elijah, in the Bible, he was fed by the birds of the sky.

Dear readers, the Prophet is back and you bet he has lots of things to say. Well, he is yet to tell us all that spirit revealed to him while he was on Mount Orijin; he has taken to addressing the issues that arose while he was away, more like…

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