Brazil 2014: Personal Perspectives (BPP): Historical Semi-Final Match!

by ahjotnaija

There is no beating about the bush, Germany deserved the hard-fought victory over Brazil. To say the blanket truth, this defeated Brazilian team had not been very impressive since the beginning of this tournament. I knew long before the encounter that Germany would take her opponent asunder. The German team confirmed it with the world-class performance. One thing can be said at the end of this first semi-final match, and that is, football is calculated tactic, football is best-played emotion-free, football has a winning-recipe, football is science!

The truth is, with the first goal the Brazilian conceded, the defense of the loosing side broke-down altogether. Many commentators talked of the first-goal-shock. Apparently, the Brazilians had expected themselves to shoot the first goal! What a joke if this was truly their mindset! Normally, a world-class footballing country like Brazil should not be quickly overtaken by surprise with a first goal against them. In fact, such a goal would have spurned a similar country to a counter-goal and a possible eventual victory. Brazil lost already with the first conceded goal. So much must be said.

As the host-country, the players had alot to bear, so much expectations to realize. Clearly, the boys were not in the best of hands to help them work-out this psychological state/condition. The team would probably have best been set-aside, like quarantined from contact with the emotion-laden Brazilian fans. Of course, every country, most especially the host-country, would want to carry the golden trophy home! The team had probably looked too much farther beyond the German semi-final so that they probably had thought it was going to be a walk-over. A walk-over it was indeed, but against them. It favored the better-side.

Actually, one can say that the mythical god of football was on the German side today, although I would rather submit that this wonderful figure practically died with the unbelievable exit of Spain among other giant footballing countries during this tournament. The German-win tonight is best attributed to the excellent German players and an over-confident Brazilian team.

Moreover, the Germans showed a far superior excellence in tactics. Brazil undoubtedly started and finished the match on the wrong foot; there was no single display of anything worth calling classy football tactic that one would have expected from a team like Brazil.

And that brings me to another very important point. Football is a team game. It is not an individual affair. No doubt, a match can be won by an individual, take for example by the Almighty Messi, but we must not be too quick to forget that such an individualistic rescue operation is often in indirect work-out with other players. The team must have worked so hard, so that the stronger side just had to win.

The tactical failure of Scolari, the Brazil coach became prominent with the Neymar injury. A team built around a particular individual need pray that the Neymar in the team be not injured! To be fair on the winners, Neymar would have been rendered useless even if he was not injured. So, the Neymar-curse can be forgotten in this encounter with Germany. Germany would have won all the same. The Germans knew when and how to convert their chances.

We need also be reminded that these are also world-class players with world-class football skills. A Khedira is anyday a player to fear. His control of balls and accurate passes among other tactical work-outs are such that any opposing team would fear. Özil is in a class of his own! He is world-class. Shall we talk of Lahm and Schweinsteinger or the Ever-goal-and-ball-conscious-Müller! Miroslav Klose broke a world-record by setting up another with his historical goal on Brazilian soil! Even a bencher in the person a Adre Schürle scored in this encounter! At a point, the Brazilian supporters cheered the German side!

In short, Germany won this game because she deserves to win! No more, no less!

With this performance in a semi-final, one can already call the final game on Sunday for Germany. There are times football can be unpredictable, but so far the current world-cup showed that the better side had always won, irrespective of dissenting opinions anyone held.

The Netherlands cannot be overlooked however. I can bet my shirt that Argentina would be beaten to a third-place so that an all European final shall be what to be seen on Sunday, just like it was four years ago in South Africa. The reason is very obvious. Arge Robben of the Oranje Boys has been so far restless and a strong pillar in the royal team. He does not play alone. He has so far played and blended well into the team spirit. An Argentina almost forced to a draw by the Islamic Republic of Iran could as well be said to have survived so far on luck. Luck can unfortunately not bring one beyond certain situation in football. Argentina will meet her waterloo in the Netherlands. Like Brazil, the Almighty Messi is always the joker of the Argentines. He shall not be enough to safe his national side. Netherlands would be sure to give them a very good surprise!

Being a Germany fan, I would call the final for Germany. A Germany versus Netherlands final would be a confrontation of two giant teams with superior tactility and footballing-logic. In a situation like this, one would simply wait for the game to be played! I can only wish the German boys a Brazilian-like experience with their opponents.

See you on Sunday virtually in Maracana stadium!