Spoken-Word Artists and Academics In Germany Demand: BringBackOurGirls!

by ahjotnaija



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It is obvious that the last is yet to be heard of our lost girls in Nigeria. Apparently, the Federal Government believes the shout and demand to bring back our stolen girls would die-out somehow, but how wrong the Federal Goverment is! The world will not keep quiet until our girls are brought back. The recent Malala visit to Nigeria on the issue of the girls testifies to this determination of world citizens to rescue our girls.

Here is the latest: Recently at the BIGSAS festival of African and African-diasporic literature/photograph Mbuguah Goro, held in Germany, poets, spoken word artists and academics lent their voices to the Bring Back our Girls’ campaign. Some of the  artists and poets that supported the campaign were the American spoken word artist, RonAmber Deloney, German poet, Temye Tesfu, Kenyan writer, Tony Mochama and some lecturers and students at the University of Bayreuth. Photography