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Month: September, 2014

Sopona, Sanitizer, Prayers…nEXT-vIRUS (Shhh…!) GOD FORBID!

When a continent willingly refuse to learn from or teach history, consequences abound!

For the records, various West African Governments (WAGs) and the people, the highest victim of the ravaging Ebola epidemic, will contain the epidemic, and that successfully only with the help of the West. WAGs and the people shall do nothing beyond containment. That (West)Africans should have done more to prevent an epidemic in the first place is expected. Unfortunately, they did/SHALL not do this! Take note of the capitalized word! SHALL is a reference to the future.

The first Ebola outbreak was in the 1970s. Since that time, no country in the presently seriously infected West African sub-region did anything tangible (particularly in research) to fight the virus. In fact, they forgot it once existed!

I am barely 30 years, Nigerian(West African). If not for the latest outbreak, I would have heard/known nothing of the virus, not to talk of knowing that the deadlier than AIDS virus was discovered in Guinea (West Africa/my backyard).

Who knows, if we taught our history (old and recent) in schools, a child born in the 1970s, historically and scientifically minded, could have discovered a vaccine to battle the deadly virus. ZMAPP manufacturer knew the consequences of ignoring history and science. That serum in the proverbial left-hand saved the lives of at least two of their own. It shall save more (American) lives, if need be.

Two quick facts: (1) WAGs and the people never learn! (2) we forget history (almost) immediately!

Once a crisis is done with or contained, (West) Africans live as though yesterday was a normal day; it became as it were before the epidemic. The saying, after the crisis, is before the crisis describes so well the contented condition of these people. They only cared enough for an immediate rescue from a raging death, for example Ebola. It is strongly doubtful if they cared about nipping the death in the bud.

A quick back-leap into the early 20th century. Smallpox ravaged Nigeria (West Africa)!

The disease killed in loads and tonnes. In short, she was an epidemic. If an account is believable, that of Chief Obafemi Awolowo is. The elder statesman lost his father to the epidemic.

He touched briefly on the emergence of the Sopona deity. With smallpox in epidemic-like version, killing indiscriminately, herbalists, healers and priests of various traditional gods, to whom the people had hitherto turned for help, were outmaneuvered. There was no cure in sight.

Clearly, in a ready-bid to exploit the desperation of the vulnerable, Sopona (The Smallpox Deity) was birthed. Unscrupulous healers and priests deemed it the appropriate moment to catch-in financially on their suffering kins-(wo-)men.

The Sopona priests were feared. They were namely powerful enough to invoke on anyone smallpox. So much were they dreaded that people never called Sopona by name. Alternatives were found to reference the god of smallpox. If anyone was down with smallpox, he/she (un-)willingly sought the Sopona priests for appeasement. Should (s)he not, the priests might seek him/her out, forcefully.

Rituals, which cost fortunes, were performed. In most cases, the victims died. Even if (s)he survived, he would have been ruined financially. Death might be a better alternative, really. Rites of appeasement included but not limited to self-painting with whitechalks, dancing to and praise-singing the Supernatural Sopona.

The gullibility of these victims is not only sorrowful, their helplessness is pitiable. By the way, the father of Chief Awolowo was not a victim of the Sopona trickery and thievery. He died in self-imposed quarantine. That way, he saved his family alot.

Fast-forward. Over 100 years later, Ebola struck!

Let us understand this: It is no crime to be scared! Who would not be in the face of a sickness that has yet no certain cure! Panic and desperate search for a solution were responsible when some Nigerians bathed with and drank saltwater solution. Like the victims of the Sopona Deity, they are helpless.

Even the FGN seem helpless and clueless as to the way forward. If not for the cursed Patrick Sawyer, I could have bet my shirt, the government would do next to nothing about Ebola. However, it is gravely worrying that the best the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) can offer is a sanitation advisory.

Placing both centuries side by side, it is no exaggeration to compare the hand-washing advisory (sanitizer) to recommendations of the Sopona priests à la self-white-chalking, dancing and praise-singing the Almighty All-Dreadful Deity.

This is no justification for ignorance on the part of our fore-parents. Considering however the achievements in scientific/medical researches presently enjoyed worldwide, those (forcefully) duped by the Smallpox Deity are excusable! At least, they had nothing comparable to the vast knowledge in science we enjoy today. Shameful beyond words is that Nigeria/(West) Africa still lives medically in a time comparable only to the Smallpox Days. The choice of WAGs and the people of little or absolutely zero-investment in (scientific) research is unfortunate.

People were enjoined to wash hands thoroughly in case of contact with an Ebola infected body. In fact, hand-washing need become a daily routine! Fairly enough, the FGN has excelled thus far in calming people’s fear on an impending Ebola-inspired amargeddon.

It must not be left unmentioned that the FGN, like many other WAGs, upon issuance of the advisory and kicking-off the media campaign, awaits the Almighty US-America to find a cure for Ebola. After all, the colonial masters later found a formidable cure for Smallpox!

Taking on the FGN’s advisory, the only reaction that comes to mind is ridicule; not only for the FGN but also for Nigerians and West Africans as a whole. The advisory is a clear pointer to a prevailing culture of nonchalance in the society. That an adult must be told that hand-washing need be a daily routine calls for worry.

Why would anyone care to wash hands if (s)he lives to daily survive infections from open drainage and inadequate sewage systems? The whole land is an eyesore- full of shits. Everywhere is a refuse-dump! Even drainage and sewage-systems constructed according to Federal and State Governments’ master plans are open gutters, canals and death traps!

A child will largely ignore instruction not to eat cockroach when his/her parents feast daily on cockroaches! Go outside to sniff the air where common people live in Lagos, Monrovia, Freetown, Connakry, Accra, Lome, Cotonou and other cities across West Africa and you are dead! One need not talk of villages and small towns, where animals jostle with humans for toilet space in the open fields!

The FGN-campaign on hand-washing is an attempt to combat an age-long problem that is basically societal, i.e. Nigerian/West-African in nature. The maxim is, since my government does not care if I die from bad air and open refuse-dump in Ojota and Oke-Odo, a hand-washing-culture is the least on my worry-list. Until Ebola struck!

Leaving the FGN alone to address an observation common to Nigerians; probably to (West)Africans as a whole. Prevalent among these people is the Talk-before-you-think-syndrome. Most times, they do not think at all, let alone act on whatever said! Apparently, it gives a drug-like-feeling to talk nonsense.

This syndrome is noticeable in the spread of the efficacy of saltwater solution to Ebola. Shortly thereafter, another professor purportedly suggested he could cure Ebola with bitter-cola. As if these two mis-talks were not bad enough, another landed on us. A consultant for/at LUTH claimed Ewedu (A Nigerian vegetable) can cure/prevent Ebola! The weird-ness of the claim is really not the problem, that it came from an individual who consults for LUTH is greatly disturbing. If strange talks like these could come from professors and consultants, one could only imagine what efficacious power quack doctors, native marabouts and religious faith healers of various colorations would claim to possess!

I hope readers are not tired yet. The last lap is here.

Talking about religious leaders and power to cure Ebola, a pastor laid hands on an Ebola patient in Liberia. Subsequently, he contacted the virus and died. That the pastor pulled his luck too far with laying of hands cannot be over-emphasized. He challenged his Eleda (creator) and paid fatally for it.

On the one hand, his death is very unfortunate. His God forsook him, when he most needed him. On the other hand, at least one can confidently say he died honorably. Proverbially, the pastor put his money where his mouth was. That is, he had not only preached the laying of hand, he practised it!

It is important to (1) underline the stupidity of the Liberian pastor and (2) connect it to a Nigerian pastor, who, notwithstanding this epidemic, seemed to encourage the laying of hands in this dangerous time.

In an online message credited to Pastor David Oyedepo of Winner Chapel, the Nigerian pastor ridiculed those in his village who fell victim of the Sopona trickery. He emphasized their foolishness and God’s protection for his family. He went ahead to talk on ways to prevent Ebola infection. It need no saying that he outlined religious ways and preached faith in God as pillar to Ebola prevention.

When I finished the message and realised he proffered only solutions comparable to those of Sopona priests, I died a thousand death!

Summed up, remedies for viral infections has been the same for over two centuries! We either (1) invent a god! (2) Call on a presumed stronger God! or (3) Wish for God to forbid an outbreak! But why are Africans like this?! For goodness sake!

Obviously, the next cure for the next virus shall therefore be shhhhh…! Did I hear somebody say gOD fORBID!

!Simply-Dunni-on-Spot !SiDoS: Your Chimamanda! is Not My Adichie!

Ms. Oladunni Talabi is a beautiful and wonderful addition to the AhjotNaija!BlogFamily. She is a Master student resident in Germany, young and very-full-of-life. She experiments with different forms of writing; this is one of them: Entertaining while strongly pushing for deep self-discovery/identification and cross-cultural dialogues among other interesting themes

Ms. Oladunni Talabi is a beautiful and wonderful addition to the AhjotNaija!BlogFamily. She is a Master student resident in Germany, young and very-full-of-life. She experiments with different forms of writing; this is one of them: Entertaining while strongly pushing for deep self-discovery/identification and cross-cultural dialogues among other interesting themes

On Facebook a friend’s post about Chimamanda Adichie’s Americannah read thus:

So I finally finished reading Americanah and there is nothing spectacular about the novel. I think Adiche has over flogged some issues. She really should try something new.

We are all entitled to our beliefs and opinions. I refrained from a reaction to this piece of mind because it was *my-keeping-mute-week.*

I was at a book reading in September. An European questioned the authenticity of African diasporic writers, mentioning in passing the exponential increase in diasporic writers in recent times. The opinion of the friend and the question of the European are related. It was time for a response.

In my reaction, I emphasized, the authenticity of writers from the diaspora should not be questioned; on no account should they also be compared to writers at home.

These two writers write from different perspectives and environments which follows that there is a wide contrast in their subject matters. Therefore, a diasporic writer might overstretch particular issue(s) in her novel because she has one more reason to do so, namely her newly added perspective. How she infuses these into her writing is best known to her/him.

In this light, a reader living in Nigeria might identify well with a book written by a live-in-Nigerian-author. The same reader might not with a live-abroad-Nigerian-author. Our perceptions differ based on the environment we live in.

Here a practical example. As a resident in Germany, I can make as subject matter *Mineralwasser* in comparison to *Nigeria-Tablewater*.

The live-in-Germany-Nigeria-readers might have a good read and good laugh. On the other hand, live-in-Nigeria-readers might be vexed when they read my book. Simply put: we have no Mineralwasser in Nigeria. Thus, it will be difficult to imagine the bad taste Mineralwasser leaves in my mouth. I can picture the live-in-Nigeria-readers asking what the hype is about the book.

I read Americannah few months after I arrived in Germany. I finished reading it within hours. It was unputdownable. I bet if I was in Nigeria when I read the novel, I still would have finished reading it because I love reading, but I would not have understood some key words, thematic preoccupations, White-Black dichotomy etc.

Take for instance Ifemelu’s experience, the protagonist who left for America for further studies and what she went through in pursuit of her dreams. Living in Germany and reading this novel remedied that for me. I was Ifemelu in that novel, I could relate Obinze to some friends who live an undocumented life in London and the trauma of using friends’ passports to get jobs that submit 40% income to these friends. Probably, some other diasporic readers could identify with one or two characters in the novel. I have since read the novel three times after my first read.

My desire to write about the black-white dichotomy in my Master thesis also surfaces from living in Germany. I am sure I would never have thought about doing my research on a topic like that living in Nigeria. The reason is this: I was never *Black* in Nigeria. I became *Black* when I stepped on the shores of Europe. So, how can my live-in-Nigeria-readers understand my master thesis and the mumbo-jumbo? This has nothing to do with intelligence but they cannot picture the world from my view.

In a nutshell, lest one think I am over-flogging issues here, diasporic African/Nigerian writers are not less authentic, the presumed issue over-flogging is not necessarily true and their confluence of narratives are clearly different from live-in-Nigeria-writers due to among many other factors the departure from home, thus adding another perspective to them.

My mother’s cell phone

Pa Ikhide

My dad, Papalolo served the colonialists in the fifties’ Lagos and was fond of telling anyone who would listen that he loved the white man’s orderliness, governance, discipline, etc. My mother is similarly contemptuous of my generation of looters (her word). She says ruefully that in the previous life black folks were in charge but they screwed things up so badly, God said never again. My mother half-jokes that the white folks know where God is but they won’t tell us, so we don’t go and kill Him.

I understand my parents’ cynicism; they and many people live in our village under appalling conditions. I reflect on my parents’ feelings a lot these days. President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration must be the most reviled in the history of our nation. No one that I know of has anything good to say about him and his hapless sidekicks. However reading Nigerian writing…

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World-Situation-Report Personal Perspectives (WoPP): Your Freedom is not My Freedom: A Cultural Problematic

Freedom is good. Undoubtedly, life is currently best lived in the West, i.e. in the United States (US), Central and Western Europe and many other countries that run on fully-adopted Western democratic values. Practical democracy is a cultural form of freedom. She is not without her limitations. Like every other form of freedom, it is good. A justifiable question to ask is this: Is this cultural product good for all, particularly in the Middle East/North Africa? I shall attend to this question in this piece.

As a quick preamble to thoughts on the practicability of democracy in the West and other parts of the world where democracy is largely unwelcome or only a pseudo-form accepted, here is a German saying (in English): The inside is just like the outside, only differently. Considering this wisdom, our ideals of freedom in the West is/can be very subjective.

Here is a fact: The world is divided still into blocs, albeit only thinly talked about and often (implicitly) allured to by world politicians (if they must remind us in their speeches). Else, this thick-wall of separation is invisible, but strongly visible to an astute observer. So also are the ideals of freedom; freedom is BLOC-ed à la your freedom is not necessarily my ideal freedom!

This confirms that we see this inevitable human commodity differently. (Cultural) Freedom to China is apparently not the measurement of (cultural) freedom in Russia and the Eurasian hemisphere. The Western ideals of freedom are certainly a strange phenomenon to/in Saudi Arabia. The African view of freedom is only one of the world’s many perceptions of freedom.

Residents in the West have oftentimes overlooked/brushed aside this salient truth, (un-)willingly. Thus, the forceful desire to force down the throat of all world inhabitants this mainly Western ideal of freedom. When zeroed-in on the Middle East/North Africa, this forceful imposition uncovers the ignorance of the West.

The media hardly helps to abate this ignorance. I have since observed the media consciously feed the desired imaginations of Western residents à la our-BLOC-is-humane-and-thus-the-ideal! This thinking is one-sided and an illusion.

Lets move to Russia. The Western political bigwigs and media finally achieved a goal. Once Mr. Putin is mentioned, a picture of the evil-that-troubles-our-world comes to mind. I doubt if Mr. Putin is the singular problem of today’s world. It is worth mentioning that even the credibility of Russia’s democracy is doubted in the West. Mr. Putin is garbed in the Tsarists robes.

The point is, in the thinking of the West, their cultural freedom, namely democracy, if accepted, must be practiced according to (Western) prescription. Otherwise, it is not valid.

Recently, Dr. Gregor, Member of the Bundestag and a leader of German Leftist Party made a strong statement in the parliament. To sum it up, he had constantly warned that isolating Russia in the name of sanctions and more sanctions is no reasonable approach to tackling anything Russia. Thus, Russia being successfully partly isolated, the West had practically hindered a possible UN resolution on the ISIL crisis even before it broke.

Of course, nobody wished ISIL into existence, but with so much proxy-conflicts partly caused by the West and weaponry supplied by same for the region, ISIL was foreseeable! Absolutely.

On the dynamism of world politics, any country is clearly wrong-advised to isolate Russia. The West partly did that in the series of sanctions imposed. Therefore, there is no gainsaying the fact that the West had conclusively ruled out the possibility of an all-inclusive intervention against the ISIL.

On the announcement of President Obama that an all-inclusive coalition to decimate and eventually defeat ISIL was finally in place, he was clearly talking about the US and their allied partners in NATO. Where is China and Russia? And even IRAN?! Yes, Iran is a strategic partner in this consideration.

Syria may be isolated because she is presently on the wrong course in handling of her internal conflict (external/sectarian-inspired war), but this does/must not rule out the inclusion of the government of the day in Syria, namely Bachar Al-Assad’s government to tackle ISIL! This is a fact. The ability to see (two) different matters dispassionately is a key in world politics. Otherwise, reactions is/can only be irresponsible.

Alongside the US and the United Kingdom, France has also begun airstrikes on ISIL targets. So, France must also shell Iraq to combat ISIL! One can safely conclude that in the opinion of the US-led coalition to battle ISIL, any capable country would do well to help in air-striking or otherwise the ISIL to achieve a defeat of the monster!

Allow me wonder aloud: Since when/how did ISIL come into possession of such powerful weaponry that Iraq must once again be invaded through the air? God help Syria because ISIL finally open a legal gateway for air-striking her territories!

They are doing all in order to help stabilize the region. Democracy is the ultimate goal.

The point is, NATO is not the world! And the world is not only NATO. No doubt, the Middle East is of strategic importance (political and economic) to the US and Europe, but geographically, it is neither Europe nor America! The ideals upon which NATO was founded, namely mutual protection of common interest, self-determination and (cultural) FREEDOM, are worth emulating. (Un-)fortunately, these NATO-ideals are not acceptable world-over.

By the way, one cannot currently respond very positively that NATO still live by her founding creeds. Beyond crude oil and imperial interests, US, UK and France seriously have next to nothing to protect in the Middle East! Sadly enough, Germany is gradually being drawn into these messy interests.

Think of Saddam Hussein and Iraq, Ghadaffi and Libya! These countries were invaded; Iraq was a full-blown war and the coalition air-struck Libya. Summed up, under (sometimes false) pretext by the West to bring about a cultural form of freedom, namely democracy in these countries, all necessary tools must not be spared to achieve this Western ideal in a region clearly cut-out for anything but practical democracy!

So far, Libya is definitely *a million light years* far from being democratic. She is also not peaceful. On uncovering that the Bush/Blair-war in Iraq was inspired by a hoax, the country plunged further and hopelessly into sectarian chaos. No doubt, failure had being pre-programmed. Democracy was/is further out of reach.

Sadam Hussein was definitely not the only person who could unite Iraq. Hanging him via a Western provoked war was neither a credible means to uproot an unwanted dictator. Besides, before Sadam’s overthrow, it was clear that Iraq is not a country mapped-out for practical democracy à la Western thinking. Likewise Libya. In short, many countries of that region would thrive far better with far lesser conflicts or none without the West directly intervening.

Think of Pre- and Post-Mubarak Egypt to understand how the Middle East/North Africa works best. With the successful overthrow of the President Mubarak’s government in Egypt in the Arab Spring, the West seemed to notice their failure shortly upon helping to install President Morsi. Yes, he was popularly voted into office in a presumed free and fair election, but the aftermath of his election was predictable. Egypt threatened to become another crisis-ridden country in that part of the world. Eventually, President Morsi was practically putsch-ed from office and jailed!

I would bet my shirt President/General As-Sisi seized power and consequently imposed himself as winner of a mock-election with the implicit blessing of the West. I swear he would stay longer in power than Mubarak, saving that he offended the West. Egypt would be relatively peaceful. There would be grumblings among dissenting voices, but President As-Sisi would be quick to bribe generously or jail them over to his side. Not that the West would keep her nose out of Egypt, but it would only be implicit.

It boils down to this: Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait among many other (relatively) peaceful countries in the region, function differently. She must not forcefully adopt the cultural freedom of the West (democracy) to survive and stay conflict/war-free. A renewed understanding and different approach to matters of the Middle East is thus an urgent imperative.

Tanimomo’s Piece of Mind: face!BOOK and face!-IT Modus Operandi à la TPoM

Mr. Tanimomo is a scholar resident in Germany. He guest-blogs on http://www.ahjotnaija.wordpress.com He is author of the popular bi-weekly: Tanimomo’s Piece of Mind (TPoM).

Mr. Tanimomo is a scholar resident in Germany. He guest-blogs on http://www.ahjotnaija.wordpress.com He is author of the popular bi-weekly: Tanimomo’s Piece of Mind (TPoM).

So, you think because Facebook is free and have a Chinko phone you can misbehave on Facebook abi? Ehn? I have drawn up rules which everybody must abide by. Zuckerberg and his friends in Menlo Park, California must enforce them!

You just graduated from a secondary school, your dad bought your first phone, so you think that adds years to your tiny years plus gives you the liberty to ‘Hi-ma-guy’ your elders? Yes, it’s the 21st century, but there is still something called respect and formality. Don’t ‘whats-up’ me if I am at least 7 years older than you. Don’t ‘How-far’ me if I am meeting you for the first time.

Telling someone thank you for adding you as his friends seems mischievous to me! Is (s)he the Queen of England, Prof. Soyinka, Pastor Bakare, President Obama, Premier Cameron, Physicist Neil Tyson, or has he done what Einstein did to Newton’s law? If no, then there is no need to thank a friend for accepting you on Facebook. It makes you come across as a bootlicker when you do.

Liking RIP posts! Now, this is about the most stupid thing I see on FB! Someone just lost a dear one, he shares his grief on FB. All you can do is like the post. Like seriously? Do you do that? If you can’t console the bereaved, please don’t click on that ‘like’ button!

Following your partner around on Facebook. So, you go about Facebook helicopter-ing your partner. You decorate his posts with ‘My Love; My angel’ etc. Are you for real? Truth is, when a Hawk sees a chick it wants to prey on, MotherHen can do next to nothing; so if your partner will be stolen, your lovingup on FB won’t help. Let the poor (wo)man enjoy please! A few admirers won’t hurt.

Changing your relationship status after a fight. So, you had qualms with your partner. Then, the best way to fight back is to change your relationship status?! You reconcile. You change it again. Not too bad, but it portrays you as an unstable personality. It’s not an offense to leave your relationship status as single, at least you are not married. So stop the traffic-lighting – changing from engaged to single and back to engaged!

Wailing on Facebook. Facebook wall is not a wailing wall. Wailing wall is in Israel. Your boyfriend left or your girlfriend ditched you, so you think the best place to voice your vengeance is on FB. Sorry my dear bro or sis. You are a big starter. Learn! Comport yourself! Brace up for the next wonderful better person that shall come your way soon! Really, I don’t know about others but I don’t want a broken woman in my life. Pack the pieces of your shattered heart, re-mold it. Look for love again! Screaming, ‘Men are wicked’ or ‘women are bitches’ won’t get him/her back. It only makes a prospective bobo/babe run-away from you, faster than Usain Bolt would!

Using your pets as profile picture. We know you love your pet but please it is your face we want to see on FB. Have you changed from what you used to be in secondary school? Have you added some weight, have you lost some? Yes, you were the most beautiful girl in our school and we hailed you for that, don’t you think it will only be fair if ten years after school we see what you now look like? Please remove that pet and the other rubbishes you use as profile picture.

Not updating. Yeah, Styl-Plus and P-Square were the in-thing when we were in 100 level. You promised they would play on your wedding day. How are we supposed to know that your husband, a big-boy indeed with a car for leg did engage your favourite musician for the wedding if the pictures were not updated? Tell us what’s up with you! Bros and sis, abeg, show face!

You sure do not want to tell us you had nothing on your mind for a whole year! Shoo! Is your mind that unproductive?! Okay, don’t tell us whats up with you, but please just write something, change your profile picture, just do more than liking other people’s comments!

Okay. This point kind of negates an earlier one, but really why should your partner or spouse be on FB and you have never showered him/her some praises! You never said thank him/her for sharing YOUR life with you and that YOUR life might probably crumble like a pack of card without him/her! Or just anything sweet sha. There is however a caveat to this, if you are not sure of your standing, please don’t post. If he or she types: ‘Thanks dear’, then you are on a longthing. Truth is, (s)he has another partner, the REAL ONE actually. If he types ‘LOL, thanks’ or any of the derivative acronyms of ‘laughing…’ (s)he is lying. Trust me, there is someone else at home he will explain you to as ‘the guy/gal I told you about who had a crush on me.’

I mean how is love so funny to warrant laughing out loud? It’s love oh! Love that Romeo, Jack, Ramsey Noah (in many movies) died for! and someone is on your page LOL-ing at it? Shaking my head for you if you can’t see my point. You are on a long thing, I swear!

Plagiarizing. See, we have always known you, you were not so bright, funny and many other things in class, we still spoke over the phone last week and you had not changed! So where do you get those witty and intelligent stuffs you post and claim authorship? Okay, let me tell you how it works. The internet is like a web; somehow someway, we have seen the post somewhere else. Anyway, you have been forgiven for those you did in the past. Repent and henceforth ‘hash tag’ your ‘stolen’ posts as stolen! Here is a good example: ‘It takes the right one to make you forget all the wrong ones. #Stolen!’

!Simply-Dunni-on-Spot !SiDoS: Lets Talk About Food o jare!

Ms. Oladunni Talabi is a beautiful and wonderful addition to the AhjotNaija!BlogFamily. She is a Master student resident in Germany, young and very-full-of-life. She experiments with different forms of writing; this is one of them: Entertaining while strongly pushing for deep self-discovery/identification and cross-cultural dialogues among other interesting themes

Ms. Oladunni Talabi is a beautiful and wonderful addition to the AhjotNaija!BlogFamily. She is a Master student resident in Germany, young and very-full-of-life. She experiments with different forms of writing; this is one of them: Entertaining while strongly pushing for deep self-discovery/identification and cross-cultural dialogues among other interesting themes

Lets talk about food o jare. I’m a very talk-active. I can talk for 24hrs non-stop. Time is never fair to me because 24hrs is always too short to explain the ideas and ask all the questions bumping into each other in my head. I am in permanent search for answers. I never get tired. It amazes friends where I get strength from; A friend called it positive energy.

Now, don’t get too excited yet about this super-human. Here is the bomb: most of what I talk about are nonsense. I just hop from one topic to the next with no sense of direction. I call the energy a restless one.

So, I was writing this troublesome termpaper in the library when I decided to take a break. I deserved a break after 30 minutes of serious writing… Hahahahaha. I went to the café to drink my water. Not long after, this cute guy came to join me. He sat right in front of me! By now, I knew I’m the CEO of Cute Guys Detective Company!

Guess what caught my attention actually? it wasn’t his cuteself. The banana in his hands was real cute. The cup of coffee too. Those two things did it. I chatted him up. I was lucky he speaks English. I’ve still not learned enough German. I asked what he wanted to do with the banana.. Can you imagine such a ridiculous question… If I was asked that kind of question, I definitely would say *I wanna shove it up my ass, idiot!*

But Germans arent like that, very nice people. He responded quite friendly: *Of course I wanna eat it as my lunch*’ (that *of course* was perceived by my Nigerian-ears as insult though). I echoed his last word in surprise: *Lunch!?*

He looked as though I was plain stupid. Then he said: *Yes, lunch.*

With incredulity, I inquired further: *And how many hours can this take you before hunger came back?

His response left me more baffled: *Till dinner time*.

I only *hmmm-ed* over the words that came to my lips: *Very good*. I gulped the water I had come to drink, excused myself and wakacomot. A piece of banana for lunch?! I swear I never would have stumbled on that kind of strange lunch, not even in my widest thoughts! I really dont understand these Germans and their stomachs o.

That reminds me. I was also in the library one day like that and very hungry. So I went home with my Oyinbo friend asked. He lives behind the library. On getting home he brought out this canned soup. Of course, I asked him where for the rice/spaghetti to go with the soup.

*Which rice?, he responded. *We are going to eat the soup just like that!*

I was just as baffled as I was with the banana-lunch guy. *Just like that?!* I almost died a thousand death! How can someone *lick* soup and be satisfied?

According to him, the soup is heavy and satisfying. It was prepared to be! Jeez, all I could see were some millipede-like creatures cut into the soup. Ok now, shebi na me find trouble. I should have gone to my room jeje to eat rice or eba.

So we sat on the balcony and licked soup for 1 hour. Even before I lick the soup-drop, I was already hungry! I bet if these Oyinbos ate like me daily, they all would be obese by now. They eat for the whole day what I normally would eat just for breakfast. Very strange though is, they all seem to be heavier than me. So where is all my food going? That is a bit annoying.

What do you think of vegetarians? If asked, I would say I dont know why anyone would simply decide to come to this world to suffer! I hear that being a vegetarian gives 10 more years to live. What a gift! I’d rather eat my meat and die 10 years before than eat grass and live 10 more years! Abi ke. What do you think o jare, good people?.

Some say humans are unfair to the animals? But didnt we receive power over all beasts of the earth? By the way, my brother accussed me of always finding a quotation to suit my purpose. Hehehehehe…

By the way, I remember when I arrived in Germany newly and went to the supermarket I almost bought cat-food? Why wont I jare, when I couldnt even read the German alphabets. My African mind could also not fathom why animals should have food section in the supermarket!

And finally, do you know my Oyinbo flatmates stare at me in d morning when i enter the kitchen and begin to boil rice at 8am. I dont know why though, but I’ve heard them call me weird several times but who cares. They also eat bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Quite strange! How can anyone live on this boring, tasteless and non-satisfying bread everyday?! Even the *Good-Book* said *man shall not live by bread alone* Hahahahha.

I once woke up to eat rice at 5am because I was hungry. It was my Indian friends who were shocked this time around. I dont understand these people o jare. So, its not only oyinbos who think I’m weird, Indians too! This is my conclusion: They all gotta be some real weird fellas too!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!

PoeticThursday(PT): Òlòde by Emmanuel Oritseweyinmi

Emmanuel Oritseweyinmi is a writer and an inspirational speaker. He is the author of "I Dare to be a Nigerian: A collection of inspiring stories, plays and anecdotes" available on Amazon We at AhjotNaija are honoured to have him guestblog for us. This is first of many inpsirational series soon to be published.

Emmanuel Oritseweyinmi is a writer and an inspirational speaker. He is the author of “I Dare to be a Nigerian: A collection of inspiring stories, plays and anecdotes” available on Amazon
We at AhjotNaija are honoured to have him guestblog for us. This is first of many inpsirational series soon to be published.

You stand over him, a judge

He begs though he knows you won’t budge

Regret tears at his heart,

You pull the knife — slay the hart!

You are Òlòde—One who bears light,

One who keeps evil out of sight.

Are you not Òlòde—the one who watches,

Why then do you stone a lad in clutches?

Is that a smile I see on your face,

A blooming joy at another’s disgrace?

You stare over him

Heart cold, eyes grim.

Be done with it then Òlòde,

Finish the man!

And sing him an ode,

Is that not the plan?

!Simply-Dunni-on-Spot !SiDoS: Jailed Because of Pepper!

Ms. Oladunni Talabi is a beautiful and wonderful addition to the AhjotNaija!BlogFamily. She is a Master student resident in Germany, young and very-full-of-life. She experiments with different forms of writing; this is one of them: Entertaining while strongly pushing for deep self-discovery/identification and cross-cultural dialogues among other interesting themes

Ms. Oladunni Talabi is a beautiful and wonderful addition to the AhjotNaija!BlogFamily. She is a Master student resident in Germany, young and very-full-of-life. She experiments with different forms of writing; this is one of them: Entertaining while strongly pushing for deep self-discovery/identification and cross-cultural dialogues among other interesting themes

You know I told you guys I would await the 3rd oyinbo guy to come ask for description before requesting my Heimleiter to make me his secretary, and if he refused, then I would have no choice than to start giving these guys the wrong address. I know I’m that bad. I dont need to be told.

Even while growing up, my mother labelled me *wicked* several times because of my unlimited pranks. I won’t tell you about my pranks today sha o.

Oh, my oyinbo friend also told me of recent that he would be unfriend me if i didnt stop playing these my stupid pranks on him, so I’m considering putting an end to it.

Ok. Nobody came knocking today but I had a very exciting day anyway. I woke up late as usual. I’m not very disciplined so I have no alarm like my oyinbo friend who even own a sleeping alarm! Can you imagine?! Alarm telling him it’s time to sleep… Hehehehehe. I no fit laugh o jare.

I sleep when sleep comes knocking and wake up when my eyes deem it fit to open u. Hahahaha. Thank God we are on semester break. I only have this termpaper I have to write. It is easy though. I guess you are itching to know what my topic is. Here it is: Code-mixing and Code-switching between Pidgin and English: A Case Study of the Phenomenon in Contemporary Nigerian Hip-Hop Music. Exciting. Right? I also think so.

Don’t mind the fact that Nigeria keeps rearing its ugly head up in all my stories, but what can I do, I’m a Nigerian. You don’t have to beleive me. I have my green passport to prove it.

Anyway, I have this Spanish friend and we like each other so much, if not for the difference in skin pigmentation, you’d think we were sisters…hmmm… We probably are. You never can tell…

So she informed me on Whatsapp that she’s hungry. I being a good samaritan now, told her to hop on the next bus to my place. I was gonna cook my indomie and eat so I decided to include hers. Ok now. She was so happy; she arrived 15minutes later and I started cooking. I swear, I totally forgot it wasnt just me that would eat it o, aswear I didn’t do it on purpose!

I brought out my pepper that I carried in my luggage all the way from Nigeria the last time I visited. This pepper is so important to me ehn, even more than my Master programme! Hahahahaha.

Ok now. After adding the pepper that came with the Indomie, I added my own Nigerian pepper!

I coughed the usual way before I announced that food is ready.

Hmmm, I am still speechless I swear o…because she was hungry. She started before me, I had to wash the pot I used as a good Nigerian wifetobenow..

So I was at the sink washing when I heard this scream from behind me, I dropped the pot. I turned around immediately. What did I see?

My friend! Lying on the ground! Coughing! Scratching head!

I didnt know what to think. You know we are very close. I know she’s not epileptic. So what can this be?, I seemed to ask myself. I moved close. In my fright I asked what the problem was. Her eyes were tightly shut and she was gurgling WATER! WATER! I immediately ran to the sink. My mind already went blank! Chai, is this how I’m going to be deported? I could already see my picture in the Westfälische Nachrichten – A Black Girl Killed A White Girl Today!

I forced the water into her mouth but I still didnt know what the problem was. There was nobody I could call because it was Sunday. These Germans ehn and their strict routine… my flatmates dont wake until 11am… Can you imagine!

Finally, I remember I’m in Germany and not in Nigeria and I can always call the emergency number. In my disordered state, I called the police instead of calling for an ambulance.

Shit! Another problem was this same language… I think I have to take this language seriously for once and learn it o!

Anyway, I was able to ask in perfect German to be put online with someone who can speak English, they grudgingly did… Na life and death matter now… So I narrated my story to them. My friend is lying on the floor and I don’t know what the problem is. Fortunately for us, my house is just 2minutes from our city hospital so the ambulance arrived in less than 5minutes.

Of course, the police had to take me along, I’ve become an accessory to whatever is wrong with her now. These German machines ehn will never cease to amaze me. Chai! Immediately, they started passing different pipes into her brain and hooked her to one big machine like that!

Egba mi ke! Ko le to yi now!

The doctor who asked to be told the story again finally told us it was my pepper that almost took her life o!

I was surprised! Pepper ginni?! Ehn!!! My Nigerian pepper ke!!!

Iro ni o!

The pepper I brought all the way from Nigeria that my mother spent more than 6000naira nearly killed somebody! I refused to believe the doctor. I told him bluntly my pepper is not poisonous as I have used it several times. I even begged them to allow me go home to bring it and taste a spoon in their presence. They all looked at me like I was an alien. Eat a spoon of pepper?, they seemed to ask. I answered yes.

Anyway, my friend is alive now o and doing well. Finally, I wont be labelled a killer. Thank God!!! You know its our culture to thank God for everything.

Shebi Yoruba people say a soul who doesnt eat pepper will die young. Then why did my pepper almost kill my friend and she’s just 21 o? Its like the reverse is the case here o. Anyway, I tire for this oyinbos o. Why are they very fragile like this sef? I just got in from the hospital o and I’m very tired, so I’m just going to dust my bed and go to sleep.

I couldnt even study today, see what pepper caused. When I woke up, I was seriously awaiting the knock of these cute oyinbo guys so I could gist u about it, maybe he came knocking and met my absence. Who knows jare? I didnt know I was going to spend my day in the hospital o. But why now, God. I prayed to you this morning, but you didnt show me this vision o. Pepper! Hmmm...!

A Passionate Letter to Great Ife Students

Isiaq 'Deji Hammed is a passionate Social Media commentator and contributor on various world issues, particularly those of Nigeria and Africa and Middle East interests. He bares his mind on issues objectively and engages dissents with civility. He is a Scholar presently based in the Middle East and guestblogs for AhjotNaija

Isiaq ‘Deji Hammed is a passionate Social Media commentator and contributor on various world issues, particularly those of Nigeria and Africa and Middle East interests. He bares his mind on issues objectively and engages dissents with civility.
He is a Scholar presently based in the Middle East and guestblogs for AhjotNaija

For months now, we have been watching the turns of events on the Great Ife campus. From the lift of the ban on the Students’ Union to the emergence of the new crop of students’ leaders, from the hike in school fees across board to the students’ mass protest (on air and the streets) and subsequent close down of the school. The dust appears to have settled or at least to be settling now. Since the school resumed early last week, I have been reflecting on the imports of the new developments in my Alma mater.

I will not argue if the fee increments are justified or not. Issues of interest rather are (1) why did the students’ struggle failed in Ife? (2) What are therefore the possible aftermaths of this failure, first on the students, their parents and then on the larger society? And (3) Why will OAU students fail where their LASU counterparts succeeded?

Taking the last question, I need not mention that LASU is not OAU and OAU is not LASU. One has as Visitor the President of the Federal Republic and the other the Lagos Governor. Again here, I need not do a compare-and-contrast analysis of the two personalities before you form your opinion. Whatever your opinion is, remember “I don’t give a damn”. Sorry I mean I personally don’t give a damn…

Remember also that the margins of the hiked fees in the two schools are not the same. Where LASU just added another figure “0” to the N25,000 to make what you and I know, OAU authorities moved from some N37,000 to N82,000 roughly for Freshers and from N6000 or so to 20,000 roughly for Returning students. I’m sure those in Sciences and Medicals will pay slightly higher.

So naturally, you should expect more furry from the LASU counterparts. Is it not “just” N20,000 some will even say. And it is this “is-it-not-just” mentality that makes our country arguably “just” the only country on earth where fees and prices of commodities and services will be increased by over 300% and some will still say “just”. I will talk more later on this Nigerian mentality.

Asides the disparity in fees, it is relatively easier to mount pressure on a Governor whose office in the State Secretariat may just be few kilometers away from the four cardinal points of the state. Consider how effective the “cooked-beans-and-garri” protest of the LASU students was, compared with the Federal Expressway blockade by the “Ever-Tatan” Ife Students.

The first was embarrassing to the Lagos Governor, the second only chocked up the already oppressed innocent road travellers, namely me and you. I need not remind that those commercializing your education fly in the sky. I’m not sure if Jonathan was even briefed that some of you even “ranted” on the streets. (Don’t mind my diction, but you can take it as my tacit support for true federalism and return to regionalism in Nigeria. That is an article for another time anyway).

Away from all these comparisons, let me tell you, comrades, the key factor responsible for the failure of (y)our struggle. Some will think of the betrayal by some student leaders, discordant tunes from the Excomembers or the “holier-than-thou” tussle among them. To me all these are secondary.

Truth be told, we failed because we have lost the sense of brother’s keeping, self- sacrifice and -denial. “A wa ti goge, ka fara to o ja. Eyin toku ke mura”. It is this weakness that the school authority seized and they won. To rule them, just divide them.

You may have forgotten, when you wrote your last semester examinations, there was a release that the increment will affect only the fresh students. So you slumber on. Shebi it is just the Freshers? Read the preceding sentence again… Did you see any “just” there? Yes, that is the mentality. OAU is in her present state because of this mentality. Nigeria is in her terrible state because of this mentality. Before long, another release increasing the Returning students’ fee came out. Gbam!!! Ohun ta lai mokan fi n se ra re lo po.

To even shoot yourself on the foot, you went on paying the hiked fee clandestinely, one after the other. And “Things Fall Apart” immediately for you. The “center” of your Student Union activism could not hold thereafter.

Take this bombshell now, if this regime of hiked fee stays, sooner or later there will come a generation of Ife students who will be more of “Ajebutters” than “AjePakos”. The same Great Ife that produced me and many others who wouldn’t have made it to school if this was the status quo.

If there was a hope of education in Nigeria for the orphans, the self-sponsored and the sons and daughters of the poor, the embodiment of that hope was Great Ife. And will I send my ward to a school with 4+x or 5+x academic calendar year? Will I send my ward to a school with prison-like hostels? (Again forgive my bluntness. Otito lo ba mi je).

I know many right now in Ife could not get feeding allowance from home because the hiked fees were paid through the last penny or by debt. I wonder what creative knowledge and education will go in and come out of a starving student. The French people say: “A ventre affamé, point d’oreille”. Ebi e wonu, ko ro mi o wo. Such is the future of our country. I thought we said, our graduates are unemployable. Those coming will not even qualify to be called graduates!

Price away education from the poor, and take many more Nigerian families deep down in to generational poverty, where diseases, squalor, desperation, despair, national unrest, underdevelopment and national stagnation are the order of the day. If our leaders refuse to reflect, ordinary citizens like me and you should.

The least we should do now is lobbying to ensure that the current bloated treasury available to the school is judiciously spent and channeled towards easing life and studies for the general Great Ife community and not siphoned.

I will leave you with Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” And you and your family are the smallest unit that make up this world. If you don’t change, through education of course, then the world will not.

Twinkle-Twankle! A Ribadu-Like Tale!

A leopard cannot change its skin. This age-long African proverb is not-out-place when one talks about Nuhu Ribadu. Fact is, since he was discovered as a ready-tool by Former President, Ribadu has never been unfaithful to himself. Any astute politician would know people like Ribadu are never out-of-use. He is yet to become a political jobber, but it would certainly not be totally out-of-place to describe him as such. He is on the verge of becoming a political nuisance. He is so far faithfully serving his paymasters accordingly. Only that the speed with which his most-recent metamorphosis was completed, surprised even the best-knower of chameleon-tricks.

Anybody would not be less taken aback with the most-recent decampment of the former police officer to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The shock must have been caused by Ribadu’s deeply strong identification with the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Ribadu wined and dined with big animals in APC; he spoke their language; he decried the PDP and be-wept the country’s woes like; Ribadu wore and slept in their clothes! It needs no reminding that Ribadu was the flag-bearer of the defunct mother-party of the APC in the last presidential election! Really, with this latest joke, Ribadu made himself incredibly impossible!

A Facebook post summed-up Ribadu:

*…HopelessPoliThiefcian. Make no mistake there are so many of them and they will continue to be relevant if we give them the room. As for Ribadu, I certainly know he will run out of himself soon, very soon in fact.*

From the same Facebooker comes this:

*…I never liked his character. Opportunist. Chameleon. Serial truth bender…*

Matter-of-factly speaking, I could not agree more. Allow me add to it. Ribadu is a distorted crafty man of no-character, a bastard and speaker from both sides of the mouth. He is an alien to dignity.

Like this Facebooker, Nigerians are highly disappointed. I am not sure if this can be some comfort for the highly disapointed: Nuhu Ribadu was never the man the people took him for. He sells to the highest bidder. A background check would confirm this.

Prior to Ribadu’s emergence into Nigeria’s political/power space, he was unknown. Anyone with a discerning mind would know that Chief Olusegun Obasanjo would never have appointed Ribadu his Chief Witch(Corruption)-Hunter if he did not understand how this young Ribadu is wired. The character of a man is like shadow. It follows everywhere. It cannot be hidden.

Ribadu was feted and hailed as Chairman of the Economic and Other Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) because he indeed brought behind bars some real crook-criminals and looters of treasury. But come to think of it, we must not forget that these were mostly corrupt people who fell out of favour with Ribadu’s paymaster and employer. Think of Former Inspector General (IG) of Police, Mr. Tafa Balogun, then the picture will fall in place of Ribadu’s antecedents and true personality.

Ribadu never did appeal to me as a politician. I am sure he never would have ventured into politics in his lifetime, if not for the streak of bad-luck that struck him on Nigeria. This is a pointer to the fact that he actually would have done anything that would bring him public attention/fetch him some real good money. He has since been trading himself as a tool of distortion in the politics of the land upon his disgraceful departure from the Police Force; I bet he enjoys the fame and fortune.

Actually, Ribadu is not worth crying over. This is a man who undoubtedly would willingly expose his mother’s shame and set his father’s house on fire in exchange for money. Really, why even talk about him as if this shameless man has ever stopped dancing naked in full public glare?!

Lets talk about Governor Mimiko of Ondo State for a purpose. Please read along.

News of his return to the PDP is everywhere in the news. Lets face it, his former party, the Labor Party (LP) was only a camouflage. The PDP wanted him away for a while. The truth is, Governor Mimiko was never away from the PDP. The workings of the PDP technically permits a temporary leave especially for indispensable children like Governor Mimiko.

He is back home. Let us make no fuse over what would eventually come to be anyway. Had anyone expected Governor Mimiko would forever remain in LP? Such pundits hopefully know better now. Come to think of it: How would he be relevant in politics at national level after his second term as Governor? How would he become Federal Minister again after 2015? His defection to the PDP is a confirmation of his true self. I wonder how he had been able to stay away from the PDP for so long!. I pity him even! Poor son! He must have missed home real-bad!

Comparing the defection of Ribadu and that of the latter decampee, there is a striking difference in the reactions both persons got in the public space. Beyond news of Governor Mimiko’s defection, it came to very few as a surprise/shock. Ribadu’s defection got more than that. At first very few comments and op-eds. When reactions finally peaked, it was like a gathering sea-storm which finally reached haven. Ribadu was practically shit-stormed in the public space/social media; and that rightly so.

This is not sheer coincidence. Leaving aside for once that Ribadu is a double-faced personality, he projects an ideal that is typically young Nigerian; these young minds can, if given the chance, will serve truthfully. The dynamism that is needed to change the country is rested in this section of the country’s population if rightly exploited. No wonder Ribadu has so much following. His career path and choices are of great interest to many.

His self-imposed downfall started this way. Remember when Ribadu openly denied that he ever accused Senator Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (SABAT) of corruption! I dare say that many young Nigerians in that moment became aware of Ribadu’s flipfop-tendencies, but they easily overlooked this. His errors were forgiven on accounts of his youthfulness. They hoped he would eventually navigate himself soon enough to a haven of dignity. Then came his denial that Dame Patience was a thief/treasury looter! It became too much for some to bear. They stopped believing (in) him.

His recent positive oratory qualification of the President on the occasion of Ribadu’s decamping to the PDP is for many followers a bad-slap on the face! How dare this man of the people talk in this disgraceful manner! One can only weep for Ribadu. Ambition is not bad. In fact, I would personally encourage him to be. However, Ribadu is not only desperate, he is at a loss on how clinch Governorship ticket of Adamawa state.

The bottom-line is this, it is absolutely acceptable to change positions/opinions over time, but that which MUST not change are the values which one stands for. Putting it lightly, Ribadu stands, if at all, for very fragile/corruptible values. Personally, I think he stands for nothing.

Talking about people who stand for values ( good or bad). Recently, SABAT wrote an op-ed on his position to Tom Ikimi’s claims on the APC chairmanship tussles. I will come to that very shortly. First, lets talk about SABAT himself. Nobody would say SABAT stands for nothing. Overtime, SABAT has changed positions and opinions. Here is an instance: during the last presidential election he was flown to Aso-Rock/Abuja to meet with the president. Some said Aso-Rock flew to him. Who flew to whom is irrelevant for now. People said he was in Abuja to cut a deal. Whatever he went to do is also of little relevance. Fact is, SABAT’s followers knew at that point he changed position, even if very subtly/implicitly. It was but absolutely clear that SABAT was not a sell-out! The values (good or bad) he represents were not betrayed. He did what was politically needed to salvage the moment. It was a political decision. He took the bull by the horn.

Coming to Tom Ikimi’s return to his vomit, like SABAT put it in his article, the latter positioned that the APC did what was necessary to form a broad-based coalition. A formidable opposition to withstand the monstrous PDP could not have emerged otherwise. Therefore, allowing people to join the party, who are a potential bad-market cannot be ruled out. These people were given yet another chance to atone their evil past. The lighter side is that SABAT and the party leadership knew the badness of these elements.Thus, I presume they are on a watch-list.

Just like a leopard-like Ribadu, people of Ikimi’s character and calibre would eventually shit on the dining-table if kicked out too late. They are only around to grab anything they can lay hands on. If it seemed too hard to achieve this goal, they desert without thinking twice, like Ribadu or go to town crying wolf like Ikimi. Ikimi is an old chip on the block; like an old dog, he would quickly derive new tricks to keep himself longer in the house of his master before being taken to the river to drown.

Ribadu on the other hand is a new chap on the stormy terrain, an absolute inexperienced element in politics. Like the just quoted Facebooker posited, Ribadu would out-trick himself soon enough. Apparently, there is no better way to put the realisation of self out-trickery than the latest declaration by the PDP the dropping of over five candidates for the Governorship slot in Adamawa state; Ribadu’s name was ably represented on the list. The singular reason for decamping to the PDP was thwarted with just a meeting in Abuja! Voila! A hitherto promising young man with a country-wide follower-ship has just run-out of himself!

I would not be surprised if Ribadu came back in the coming weeks to rejoin the APC. This would certainly not be unlike him. A psychological consideration of Ribadu’s character would definitely reveal he is a man of unstable character; a man who hardly think through anything; one that speak/act before thinking; one that is permanently bereaved/sorrowful if denied public attention. One that would eventually shit on the table if bade to dine! People like him cannot/will not survive the test of time in political terms. They are manipulative and dangerous for national stability and health. Nigeria does not need such a terrible piece in her already critical condition.

With today’s forcing out of Ribadu by the PDP from the list of contestants in Adamawa state, the party showed she recognised Ribadu as a mere opportunist. He cannot add anything to the party’s national interest, not even at state level. He was sharply rejected as a choice in Adamawa state where he was born! If the PDP could do this, the APC is morally bound to vehemently reject a possible return of this former miserable police officer.

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