Burkina-Faso on Fire. Protesters and Opposition Demand President Campaore’s Exit!

by ahjotnaija

The demonstration and countrywide protests which kicked off yesterday in Burkina-Faso did not start yesterday. It began actually 27 years ago with the murder of the people’s captain, Thomas Sankara. France and her agent Blaise Campaore killed one of Africa’s prophets in Burkina-Faso.

The setting ablaze of parliament building etc is an explosion of people’s anger. President Blaise Campaore under strict watch of France had presided for such a long time over this keg of gun powder. It shall eventually explode, no matter how long it took. The demonstration is the beginning of the explosion.

In fairness, 27 years is a time long enough for any government to listen/fulfill the aspirations of her own people. Unfortunately, this is apparently not the case in Burkina-Faso, like in many other outright and demi-dictatorship across French-speaking Africa.

It is undeniable that France only gave her West Africa colonies independence, but refused to leave. France is the proverbial helicopter-parent; she is permanently interfering in the affairs of these countries, covertly and most times overtly. France would stop at nothing to *destroy* a disobedient child to have her way. France is such a merciless beast-parent.

Closely observing the wind of protest sweeping through Burkina-Faso, which culminated into this uncontrollable outburst of rage, I want to call for cautious optimism. I am much delighted Burkina-Faso finally gathered enough civil-courage to demand the exit of a killer-president.

However, we must be quick to remember that the exit of President Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast did not necessarily translate the land into a people’s paradise. It is only a replacement of a disillusioned marionette with a better French-brainwashed puppet. An astute watcher of France (West) Africa’s policy understands that France’s support for these installed marionette-rulers in the phantom-independent French-speaking African states is an open-secret. Considering the French-Factor therefore, we must wait cautiously for the proverbial pocket-bird to be fully exposed to confirm its true color.

The main demand of the opposition in the name of the people is this- the exit of President Campaore, which is far overdue anyway. The opposition demands the constitution be respected. Besides, the people are clearly tired of President Campaore’s rule of 27 years. Saying he failed them woefully, is simply confirming the very obvious. Burkina-Faso is rich in poverty. The probability is very high that the uncountable life-threatening slums, hungry children and pictures of pestilential poverty of Africa shown in various international media could have been from Burkina-Faso. The president successfully ravaged and looted the country blind.

Could it be that President Campaore has stepped on the toes of her benefactor, so that France consider it is time to throw him out? Or is the countrywide protest indeed the brainchild of a people raped of the human-dignifying existence and taken for a shameful ride for over two decades? What/who will replace President Blaise Campaore? What does the future hold for the land in a post-Balise Campaore democracy? These and many more are questions that must busy us while the protest last.

The protesters seem undaunted in their demand. One can only wish them good luck. Burkina-Faso and West Africa shall definitely miss President Campaore if the people truly succeed to topple him in this countrywide protest. I am thinking of possible withdrawal symptoms already. Poor Burkina-Faso! 😦