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Month: January, 2015

Fast-Forward to FeBuhari 14! 2015

Dear President Buhari,

So, now that President Jonathan finally lost this election, I welcome us all to the new reality. Nigeria has a new president, and he is not a PDP-President! There are lessons to learn, but I will spare us that because I am afraid we just might not care. We are still feeling high from a victory well deserved. Finally this Jonathan is gone! Ibanuje lo!

Until yesterday, President Jonathan was Nigeria’s worst headache. Now that the old headache is gone, I hope President Buhari will not be a worse nightmare. The next 100 days will be decisive in foretelling the course this presidency. The tone of reconciliation struck after your landslide victory is a welcome development, but not unexpected. Humility in victory is our culture.

While we accept that this is our cultural good, we must be willing to hold accountable the past government to her corruption and abuse of office. Perpetrators must not be left off the hook. A precedent is necessary. If anything, it will signal, that come 2019 we shall not be unwilling, just like we welcome you like a donkey-riding messiah, to pursue you out of office once again with our votes if you fell short of fullfilling every promises made.

There is no excuse for non-performance. You knew Nigeria was a liability before you promised heaven and earth to make her work again. My yardstick for a successful Buhari presidency shall be this: A comparable report-sheet to Governor Fashola’s first term in Lagos state. Anything short is epic failure. Governor Fashola WORKED every single day in his first term. Think of this: Fashola was so confident his report-sheet was strong enough to win him a second term. And it did! If Asiwaju Tinubu had dared to play dirty by not returning him for another term, he would have successfully killed himself politically. Here is the thing: Good work speaks for itself! We must hold your presidency to this standard. That is another precedence we must set.

The job of the new president is clearly cut out for him. We need not remind that the last president whom you replace, in fact, made this new job more difficult. For this reason we shall be terribly sincere in our criticism, give little room for error and shout even louder if you tried to force sh*t policies down our throat. Maybe we need tell you that one of the attack dogs of the former president referred to us as children of anger. Yes, that is exactly who we are! Collective children of anger! Call us anything, ebu o so! Abuse nor dey gum body! We are only interested in one thing alone: That you do your job by fullfilling the mountain of promises you made.

At this point, I shall remind of a campaign advert I saw in your name. The video declared: Electricity generation is not rocket science. Well, Mr. President, we know this, previous governments knew this truth. We are happy that a president finally hit the nail on the head. Yes! Power generation and supply is simple as ABC, the thing now is, abeg, fullfill your promise!

We shall hardly be willing to compromise on this matter. I hope you understand what this means and why we shall shift no ground particularly on light. Over 50 years of constant darkness and epileptic supply coupled with uncountable-monies soldier-politicians had embezzled in that sector! Add to that the fact that you were once Head of State to perfect our suspicion and uncompromising stance on this matter.

Well, to help you, and I believe I am speaking for NIGERIANS as a whole, if you give us in your first term TWO YEARS of uninterrupted power supply, in Lagos, Kano, Onitsha, Agbor, Okene and in the remotest/most obscure place in Nigeria, not only is your second term guaranteed, your name shall forever be written in gold even in minds of children yet unborn! President Buhari, we can only enjoin you to think of Chief Awolowo and FreeEducation legacy. I hope two years of constant power supply will be one of your legacy in the next four years.

I will not want to beat the matter on your promises too much, but be reminded that there are millions of Nigerians who are banking on your word. The Awujale of Ijebu is one of your best fans. Hear the king of kings talk about you: You can take General Buhari’s word to the bank and you will get paid! Mr. President, sincerely I do not envy you, because for real, you are in a tight corner right now. If you fuck up (permit my colloqual), you have not only ruined your present presidency and APC’s image, the cult built around your presonality so far is forever shattered.

Remember sir, up till your landslide win in the just concluded election, your past achievements as a soldier and HoS are most controversial. I need not remind you of your dark days. For those who excused your many missteps on the ground of youthfulness, circumstances and other things, they shall forever be silenced and monumentally disappointed. As for those who are certain that you were and still will be a disastrous choice for Nigeria, they finally will be right. In short, Nigerians will finally listen to Ikhide Ikheloa’s warning that APC is PDP! Well, if you don’t know what Ikhide thinks about you, I will tell you now: He is strongly convinced you and your party are a worse latrine than PDP is! I bet you don’t want to confirm his warning cum prophecy.

Another thing: There could be nothing more humiliating for you and your legacy if we have to kick your bottom out of Aso-Rock for underperformance. Remember, Nigerians are fond of sincerely singpraising achievements of past tyrants, rulers and presidents especially if the incumbent is an underperformer! In your case, that would mean, President Jonathan will be better placed and praised for his achievements! I am sure you don’t want history to deal with you this way.

Talking about APC being PDP, I am presently most likely to agree with this submission. Looking away for once from PDP-like corrupt moneybags in the senior rank and file of APC, practically all heavyweight of PDP decamped to your party. Remember, old habits die hard. These are people who are never interested in anything but their own pocket. Chief Obasanjo technically jilted his beloved PDP to get you elected, IBB declared for you. Shehu Shagari self sent spokesperson to disown claim that he was in anyway going the way of the person you replaced! All these people in your carriage are mega-thieves, commonwealth looters and everything-wrong-with-nigeria.

You know this, but your starkest footsoldiers assured the path you followed were simply unavoidable, needed to win you the presidency. I agree, dealcutting is as old as politics. I am only afraid this challenge will stick with you throughout your presidency. If you are not careful, exactly these terrible decampees and weight-givers shall be your undoing.

Many talks will not fill a basket, so I shall address one more matter before I rest. Senator Yerima. In order of relation, he is a closer kinsman to you than me. I heard with one ear that this man is now in APC. They even said he was in a committee who worked for your election. I hope you know too that he was/is married to a 13 year old girl. His justification is simple: he exploited a loophole in the constitution which regards every married female as having come of age. Plus he has many other justufications, his religious conviction being an influence too. This man has your confidence, so we believe you can talk to him in a tongue he understands. Not only that, please we want you to push for a consitutionally standard age and definition of who a child is, male or female in Nigeria.

Abeg, call on the wisdom of your lawyer professor vice president to close this Yerima-loopholes in the constitution. I can only call on your humanity and your high standard of morality to safe our children from constitutionally sanctioned rape and abuse. Our childten, particularly the female ones, have more than enough suffering already to chew, the possibility of being constititionally fucked by a Senator Yerima need not be added permanently to their taste-bud. They deserve to be who they are, namely CHILDREN!

Mr. President, sir, I have on your behalf greeted those who wished you lost the presidency to your incumbent-challenger. They showed strong spirit of sportsmanship in the contest. They deserved to be so well-greeted. That President Jonathan won over 19 million votes clearly confirmed he was a worthy contestant. He had the suppirt base. Omi lo kan poju oka lo!

For the Jonathan supporters, to whom sportsmanship is a strangeness, I have appealed to them to give you the benefit of 100 days in office. Around that time, you will have shown enough color via your statements, appointments etc to determine policy direction of your government. They gave me their word. They will wait till then before they start wishing/confirming your failure.

Also, I did not forget to warn my two friends and brothers who happened to be your staunchest admirers. Babawale Biyi gave me his word that he will not withold from telling it to your face you fail if you indeed fail. Isiaq ‘Deji is not ready to imagine you might fall our hand. These two brothers and supporters, like all your supporters/Nigerians, deserve no disappointment from you, sir!

I heard Fani-Kayode flew hurriedly out of the country few hours ago. You know he was a man of full of political tactlessness. He left nobody in doubt he was fleeing political persecution. He left no word as to destination. Governor Fayose is presently still at large, most likely on medical leave in Germany. He left words that he had wished your death only out of political desperation. He meant no evil and hoped that upon his return his messenger of peace will have reached your doormot!

Madam Petroleum Minister Deziani will not run away. She believes she robbed nobody. Madam Iweala has since been returned to where we borrowed her from. Okojonomics will apparently never work in Nigeria! Madam was undaunted to the end. Your excellency, you need to sight her gele at the airport to confirm for yourself that her head was high and her spirit undampened!

On a final note, I must not forget to remind your excellency, sir, that I have since, upon hearing of your landslide victory, ordered the barman to bring me another two bottles of APC and PDP. Actually, I wanted my usual sepe-mixture to wash your victory, but e nor dey. That was how I washed Jonathan’s victory in 2011. I am not ashamed I did because it was nothing personal. It is a game of politics. Actually, many friends knew I was washing Jonathan’s victory back then in anticipation of this day FeBUHARI 14, 2015! I knew I was going to survive the past four years because I am Naija! I am larger than your predecessors. So that you know, I will survive the next four years too come what may and I am already getting ready for 2019.

Yours sincerely,

Ahjot Naija


A real cool piece


When the pain hit my stomach that morning, I suspected the cause but prayed to God that I was wrong. Mom used to tell me about worms being the cause of stomach ache when we were young but the pain was more than two belligerent worms fighting for crumbs of the shawarma I consumed the previous night. I remembered taking the drugs, without a doctor’s prescription, drugs bought from a hawker at CMS bus stop at night. A hangover, the result of a night of clubbing and drinking with friends was also yet to clear that morning.

Father Lord, I promise never to try this again, I muttered, as I drove slowly in the early morning traffic around Silverbird Galleria. I tried to hide my discomfort from Lara. Lara was my latest crush who usually rode with me in the mornings. Our offices were on the same street.

Boom! came…

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MidWeekSpecial by ‘Dapo Ajayi: Prof. Sonaiya of KOWA Party dares to be Nigeria’s President!

Mr. Oladapo Ajayi is Nigerian and Master student resident in Germany. He is the initiator of the TACTProject, a NGO practically committed to giving poor children a fair chance at education in Nigeria. He is an activist and a grassroot political and community organiser

Mr. Oladapo Ajayi is Nigerian and Master student resident in Germany. He is the initiator of the TACTProject, a NGO practically committed to giving poor children a fair chance at education in Nigeria. He is an activist and a grassroot political and community organiser

I met Prof Remi Sonaiya in 2005 at the Foreign Languages Department, OAU, Ile-Ife. Her lectures throughout my undergraduate days were always fruitful. She is a very organized teacher. she dared not come to class unprepared, if she must miss class, believe me there must be a make-up of the hours lost; I emphasize: ALL HOURS lost.

Sometimes in 2006, I was home for a weekend visit, my maternal uncle died during my stay and it was enough reason for me to stab some lectures. Once I returned to the campus, I realized I missed Prof. Sonaiya’s test, so I headed straight for her office especially because I thought I had a strong excuse; remember my uncle passed on. I told Prof. Soniaya my well-rehearsed line. Hear her response: Young man, every decision one makes in life has consequences, you must learn to take responsibility for your actions, since you decided to miss the CA for your uncle’s death, you must take responsibility. Prof Sonaiya told me to be prepared for the second CA so as not to fail…

On another occasion, as a Yoruba I addressed Prof. Sonaiya as *mummy*. She told me: Young man, this is a university, we do not have Daddies, mummies, Uncles and Aunties here. We have Professors, Doctors, Mr and Mrs.

My department has 3 student clubs. Sometime in 2007 the President of the French club was involved in an accident, so he was hospitalized for months. During this period the university appointed Prof. Remi Sonaiya as our Head of Department. We were excited or pretended to be that change was in the department. No one doubted her ability to deliver or make our department work better.

In the course of a meeting, I discussed the performance of our student’s club especially the no-show in the French club due to our president’s ill-health. Behold, Prof. Sonaiya challenged me to coordinate the club and make it work since I so much cared about the club (remember it was my second year in the university. By constitution a president should be a final year student.The challenge she posed also included the fact that she would also be a part of the club if we made it work. Voila, I became the coordinator of the French club in my second year.

I remember with pride how ambitious my team became almost immediately because we had a grind to settle with other clubs that had been shinning due to the lack of activity in the French club. We went as far as hosting an inter-university debate completion. University of Ibadan participated in the competition, I remember we got the full support Of the HOD, she supported both financially and with all that was within her reach.

Due to my very restless nature, I was always around the students club and administration and yearly we sought support from the Alumni of the department, more often our support revolved around financial assistance. So it happened that in 2007 we approached our HOD for financial support. Prof Sonaiya did not hesistate to express her displeasure on how unrealistic students’ tastes and budgets were, she said to us: You students know how to spend money of those working for money, in fact you know how to help them plan their money. She criticized our wasteful taste and lifestyles that will go all out for expensive end of the year dinner/award night. In a nut shell, Prof Sonaiya showed it to our face how twisted our minds were.

Towards the end of the year 2007, Prof. Remi Soniaya had her Inaugural lecture at the conference centre OAU, Ile-ife. She subsidized the lecture for all the participants. For that, she broke the tradition of serving food or throwing party for inaugural lectures. Her argument was that the cost of food was converted to making lecture booklets available to all participants.

For many of us Prof. Sonaiya retired too early.

That is my Professor. She is a personal mentor for all these reasons. I later became president of the overall student association in my department. Believe me, Prof. Sonaiya’s seed had germinated so much that my administration would not prepare requests for flimsy projects. I still remember we had a very modest final year award night and we left legacies that uplifted the standard of the association’s members.  Believe me, I am always proud to look back.

Somehow, I have not been able to meet Prof. Sonaiya since I graduated from Ife, she is however close to me through the social media. Saving occassional shared personal messages and updates, our relationship has been close but distant.

Some weeks ago, a Facebook post indicated Prof Sonaiya would be representing KOWA party in the forthcoming presidential election. As a matter of fact, Prof. Sonaiya is the only female in the race. I know Prof. Sonaiya might not be Nigeria’s president but I know a good personality in her. Only if she had started her campaign early enough, connecting with women and men across Nigeria especially those not on social media!

I am not going to vote for Prof. Sonaiya because I will not vote in the coming election. Plus I campaign privately that we have nothing to lose by choosing Buhari’s APC.

I once attended OAU All souls Anglican Church in 2009. To my surprise, I saw my admirable Prof. Soniaya in the choir robe singing at a wedding event. This personality is a round intellectual! Devoted to God, family and humanity. She is an excellent scholar, a perfectionist, a goal getter, a disciplined mind and a firm personality. Prof. is endowed with integrity which is a virtue that is needed in our society. I can only wish her well; truly, I appeal to undecided voters to follow a woman whom your conscience will never blame you for supporting.

So as we march for Change in Nigeria, we need more ordinary Nigerians like Prof. Sonaiya who are  competent to lead Nigeria for better.

Je Suis Charlie ou Non?! Face-Shaping Nigeria’s Conversation on Self-Identity and Nationhood, (Un-)Mournable Bodies and Solidarity…

Oladapo Ajayi: With all sense of redponsibility, if I see any Je suis Charlie on Nigerian wall, na mad koboko you go chop. I don’t know how we get excited to mourn for others when our first, middle name as a nation in the past five years is mourning itself. A nation that lost over 20,000 citizens to terror. When are we going to say Je suis Chibok, Je suis Borno,… Je suis reality not follow follow…

Ahjot Naija: You are wrong, Dapo. The world stood with us during Chibok and we said our “Je suis Charlie” in our own way. Have you forgotten the hashtag for the girls? Nigerians are not unaware of their troubles, they will but not make them sympathize less with France. The world is with France in this painful moment and so also is Nigeria. Nigeria is Charlie in solidarity with France against the force of evil.

Esther Osaade: Thank you Ahjot Naija! I was about to write exactly the contents in your comment up there coupled with the fact that I just left Paris few days ago. What if I have been involved? We all need to get this straight, ‘Je suis Charlie’ is an outcry against terrorism and I’m sure nobody, no nation wants to be terrorized. Freedom of speech is our fundamental human right. Thank you once again Ahjot!

Esther Osaade : Mr Dapo, you are wrong sir! During the “Chibok girls”, I personally saw your Asian and German friends including your professors with the ‘bring back our girls’ hashtag. Why do you forget so soon? As a member of the United Nations, terrorism against one, is terrorism against all.

Mr. Oladapo Ajayi is Nigerian and Master student resident in Germany. He is the initiator of the TACTProject, a NGO practically committed to giving poor children a fair chance at education in Nigeria. He is an activist and a grassroot political and community organiser

Mr. Oladapo Ajayi is Nigerian and Master student resident in Germany. He is the initiator of the TACTProject, a NGO practically committed to giving poor children a fair chance at education in Nigeria. He is an activist and a grassroot political and community organiser

Oladapo Ajayi: Well, Ahjot and Esther, for one I am not preaching hatred , and I am not talking about a particular scenario but a state of mind which is quick to embrace Western news, phenomenon et al. for records and I stand to be corrected #BringBackOurGirls campaign gathered momentum until Mitchel Obama raised it; even our president was still in the state of denial then. Sorry to digress, but just like the death of Pastor Myles Munroe of the United states(sic!), it is my opinion based on observation that it is more funky and cool for a vast population of Nigerian on social media to solidarize with France on ‘Charlie’ than the Baga massacre which is said to be the biggest in the history of Boko Haram attack. If I may ask, why are there no hashtags for Baga, Is 12 death greater than hundreds bodies that litters (sic!) the streets of Baga and loss of a town in our own country. Somehow, you may not be guilty of my observation but be sure I am only pointing at ideological reality and state of Nigerians that have voices especially on social media. In view of that I insist Je suis Baga, let the foreign media make some true noise about the death of Nigerians too and let Nigerians shows how worthy life of any of our citizens means to us.

Esther Osaade: Dapo, I insist that you are still very wrong. Recent happenings in France have got nothing to do with embracing Western news quickly, and going by what you typed up there, you are not talking about a particular scenario. If this is the case, I’d announce to you that your publication was reared at the very wrong time. You talk about embracing Western news as if you are residing in the Middle East. I’m in the middle of this and I know what the real situation looks like; I just left Paris. This is my main challenge with Black people, you like to blame everything both negative and positive on Western media. If you are not inciting hatred, you should have not published this post at this particular time. How could you even dare to say “let the foreign media make some noise about the death of Nigerians too” as if they don’t. Whether 16 lives or 200, life matters and threat to any should be a concern of many. If I was to be white, I would have interpreted your post as hatred for my people. We can’t scream “help West, Africa is fighting terrorism!” while we try to not offer them our solidarity when they face the same problems as if threats to their lives don’t count. It is good to promote emancipation of “your black people”, but do it the right way that hate and discrimination might not linger for too long. #JeSuisCharlie

Oladapo Ajayi: I seem not to be communicating and it makes it frustrating. I am not anti-west. I only wish for a different attitude from Nigerians wherever we are while Charlie fell alongside 12 in France, our towns and villages fell again to Boko Haram leaving  over 2000 dead ‘official number’ and our popular response to both incidence as directly affected people is Je suis Charlie. Please don’t accuse me of inciting hate towards any group, especially as a black man. I think you want to quote me out of context and leave out my point somehow. My observation is about reception and reaction, national identities and values

Ahjot Naija: Dapo, check the comments. You mentioned *hate* first. If at all, you threw the notion of hatred up first, nobody accused you of that. While it is good you want a change of selfperception plus reality check, your primary message missed the point. The time could not be more wrong. Eje ngbona lowo bayi! That exactly is what Esther Osaade corrected, and I did too. The message could have been passed not by wanting to koboko-beat etc Nigerians for standing with the world etc. You dont joke the bereaved to underline a point, however important. Nigeria mourns her death, also the loss in Baga! Her own way! It is that simple. Btw, your choice of bigger/wider foreign media cover for balance of life-worth may actually be another false way to identity. You probably need a reality check too. Checkmate!

Folarin Oluwatosin: Well I think there’s a bit of a mix up here or maybe I understood Dapo’s post a little differently. For me the killings in Nigeria have now been so underrated that we now see it in numbers. We see and hear things like 76 people killed in a suicide bomb attack and we are like oh another 76 not bearing in mind the fact that these figures are actually human beings; and this happens like every day in 3 or 4 different places. When about 47 boys were murdered (not sure of the figures) there was no flag flown in half mast for their loss, when the Chibok girls were abducted it took 18 days for our government to believe they had actually been taken not to talk of take action. Just yesterday I heard again about a young soldier who had fallen to this unnecessary killings, and I know personally, other soldiers who are still there fighting maybe to the death; trust me I hold my breath everyday hoping I wont hear bad news from them in that area. Now I do not totally blame the govt. as I know it is a collective thing but we are a bit too lackadaisical about things in Nigeria (as we have the attitude of “if it’s not touching me then it may not be too important”). I watched on TV as the whole state was turned down in search of the people responsible for the killings in Paris and I believe this was possible because the people cooperated in letting this happen (this was an action between the Government and the People). Pls don’t get me wrong Esther And Ahjot Naija, I am not condemning Nigerians for posting #je suis Charlie# on their walls, as I have a sister who is also a journalist and who attends such meetings often (when it happened all I could think of was if it had happened here in Naija, it just could have been her shot) so I feel their pain I wish this never happened, but I also want Nigerians to know that what is happening in Nigeria is not a story, neither is it a nightmare, it’s a reality and it’s greater than the numbers we see on TV.

Esther Osaade: Thank you very much Tosin, for your contribution. I appreciate your communicating skill. That is how it is meant to be. This country cares about its citizens which should of course be the duty of every nation but the reverse is the case in Nigeria. Have you forgotten recently in Nigeria, some young soldiers were being persecuted for refusing to go into battle with the insurgent Boko haram? This soldiers refused because they were unarmed. Nigeria boasts of the most vibrant economy in Africa yet matters of security is thrown in the dust. For some nations, threat to one is threat to all but check out Nigeria’s approach to life threatening situations; “if a government official or his immediate family is not affected, it is none of the government’s business” (Lagos state excluded following its actions and response to Ebola). Take a look at Cameroon, with their little finances, they provide arms for their forces, their fallen soldiers are treated like heroes and bodies of their deceased are attended to with respect.

Let’s conduct a quick analysis of Nigeria’s mannerism. Soldiers = unarmed, infiltrated by perpetrators of terrorism. Armed forces = uniform forces. Government = dysfunctional. Protests = ineffective. Media = biased. Fallen soldiers = forgotten. Citizens’ carcasses = left on the streets for days even months.

Now we want to blame anything and everything on the West. Is it the West that is ruling Nigeria? Is it the West that is embezzling petroleum money? Is the west responsible for equipping your forces with the necessary ammunition? Is it the West that effected the fallen standard of education in the country that some of us have come here to further our education?

In the West, only five people can stage a protest against any wrong and they would be attended to, but look at the Chibok girls protests, GEJ actually tried to curtail them by sending the military amongst them. Did you know that a friend of mine who is an activist was threatened by some Jonathanians because of her criticism on the Chibok girls. They even told her that they know her house in Nigeria and they know who her husband is all because she exercised her right to freedom of speech.

To answer your other question, insurgency and killings in Nigeria are of course no stories and everyone in his right frame of mind is aware of that. Whether 1, 5, 10, 200, or 2000 lives, life is life and therefore should be protected. News on the recent attacks in Paris was disseminated as rapidly as a fire outbreak because there is a people that cares and there is a functional government who refuses to shy away from his responsibilities. The misunderstanding in this publication of Dapo’s is wrong timing and the way he communicated his feelings. If I posted #JeSuisCharlie on my wall, it is not because I don’t care about Nigeria, but because I care about both Nigeria and the freedom of speech and the press.

Just to add to all I’ve said, do you know that because of my contribution to this post, I have been insulted by a non-violent Muslim extremist who is myopic in his mind and thinks everything is about religion. Further, if we recalled, earliest attacks of Boko haram in the north gained approval of northern clerics. They didn’t do anything about it because they never thought it would escalate to this degree, now everyone is affected and the government is mute. We all have to remember that the earlier we voice our disapproval of violence the better. It is no longer a question of religion but a factor of freedom and unity amongst our people. #JeSuisCharlie represents solidarity which is what is lacking among Nigerians.

Editor’s Note: This piece is a Facebook conversation triggered by the first paragraph. It was originally posted on Oladapo’s wall. Decision to publish it as blogpost is an attempt to give access to a wider readership and in continuation of discussion to clear plus objectivize controversies this attack on our common humanity and quest for freedom  has generated thus far.  The ensuing comments and responses are opinion of the writers. They do not necessarily represent AhjotNaijaBlog editorial policy.

General Elections 2015: Preliminary Geo-Political Permutations

Nigerians are permanently fired up when it is election time; at least the majority. They know election is the best tool to rid themselves of failed governments and particularly politicians who promised what they cannot fulfill. This is exactly the reason why they do not take it lightly when it is election time. They know it is their only chance to try again.

There are those among them who collect money for their vote and vote the other way, and some vote the party who bribed them. Nigeria’s electorate is one dynamic phenomenon that must be understood. There are times they even vote to make a statement- think of Ekiti. Apparently, those on ground knew something was not alright with Dr. Fayemi’s approach to governance. Governor Fayose was not the best hand on offer on election day, but Dr. Fayemi was neither a of messianic material, so he was let to fall. Fayose cruised to victory carried on the back of the people, plus supported by President Jonathan’s band of army and police officers. Shared rice or similar incentives are of secondary relevance in this matter. After all, both camps shared rice.

In the ongoing campaign for the presidency, the voice of the people cannot be mistaken. It is clearly a total NO to a government with no clear-cut approach to anything. Truth be told, President Jonathan has no agenda at all. He is only interested in sitting out his terms of office. Everything about him is a confirmation of this fact. The people do not want him. If they really wanted General Buhari is a different matter entirely. President Jonathan’s grave incompetence is the best reason to replace him, even if with a carbon-copy of himself, so far it is not a return of the original person!

Lets get real for once, the supporters of the incumbent are not doing so based on the quality he has to offer. Not all at. I agree with Mr. Olumhense’s submission on the matter- awon-ajegundujera i.e. profiters of/from Jonathan’s ultra-corrupt government are the only elements in that camp. Add to that, many stand with him notwithstanding his enormous failure based on personal principles, herein comes the eyele-principle very handy to describe their plight. This proverbial faithful bird will not desert his master no matter what. Think of Dr. Abati and the picture is perfect. I respect this careless choice. But I respect Nigeria and care about her way too far. Another group of teeming supporters are the PDP-remnants, the die-hard core PDP-ers. PDP is way too strong to not have this kind of fight-till-death-membership. All these people shall vote the PDP and Jonathan in February. Are they enough to win him the presidency? Capital NO.

Lets permutate geopolitically: The Southwest is securely in Asiwaju Tinubu’s pocket. APC shall win with a landslide in the Southwest. The mood right now is comparable to 1999 when Alliance for Democracy (AD) won nearly all seats leaving remnants for the PDP. If you don’t believe me, ask the person beside you to wake you up to reality.

The Southwest as a voting bloc has a history of voting and sticking together. Call it anything, this is who they are. At the moment, this geopolitical zone is best insulted when a party throws Jonathan at them for another four years. They voted, on Tinubu’s prompt, overwhemingly for Jonathan, not PDP, in the 2011 election. The incumbent did not deserve a return because he failed woefully. Add to that, this strongest political voice at the moment, upon whose body language Jonathan was elected, is no more in doubt that Jonathan is a big shame. In short, Jonathan and PDP’s political death are surer than night and day in the Southwest, at least till 2019.

PDP shall win minimal votes in the North. The North has three geopolitical zones. These zones shall vote overwhemingly for General Buhari. The reasons are far too obvious to be debated. Think of General Buhari coming from Katsina (Northeast). Jonathan only helps the ease of deciding finally for Buhari in that part of the country with his failed attempts to secure the freedom of the stolen girls, fight Boko Haram and stop the bombings threatening to destabilize the fragile peace in the states. We must not forget also that Kogi and Kwara, two states in Northcentral are most likely to vote along the Southwest bloc. The likelihood of a landslide victory for APC in the North is at an all-time high. Political betters who bet on General Buhari in the North may start counting their political chickens.

The Southsouth is presently not in Jonathan’s grip alone. Not only Rotimi Amaechi, but far too many politicians in the region envy the incumbent. And they do not hide their beef for him. Yes, beef is allowed in politics! And by the way, is there anyone, who is not beefing President Jonathan at the moment? Even his staunchest supporters are in short supply of good reasons for their support. So, while one may want to call the Southsouth for the president already if PDP’s rigging-machineries worked well enough, there are far too many hands that will ensure APC won the zone. Mind you, among APC’s sponsors and moneybags are riggers per excellence! This geopolitical zone shall be hotly contended and the smartest will carry the day.

The sway-geopolitical zone, i.e. Southeast shall be won on a state by state basis. No bad-belle intended, but these states shall politically sell their votes to the highest bidder. Selling in this light does not involve money changing hands alone. Mark the qualifying adverb- politically! The idea is, since the Igbo will have neither the predidency nor vice, they will vote the party likely to give them better representation at the centre, plus improve the lot of the region via investments in infrastructures. Jonathan promised the Southeasterners too many things in 2011. That he practically spat in their face by not keeping the promises is a fact. Religion will play a decisive role in this part of the country, no doubt. However, this will be minimal. It is not going to be as decisive as in 2011. Plus there are indications the zone shall likely pay Jonathan back in his own coin, i.e. spit back at him in the face! Rev. Father Mbaka’s sermon is a wake-up call to reality.

Away from geopolitics, lets round-up on Jonathan’s campaign team. Two extremes in the team shall busy us shortly as jaara in this piece.

Chief Anenih, the cunniest and election-rigger-in-chief has met a match bigger than him in Chief Tinubu and APC combined. Sam-Ndah Isaiah’s piece on Chief Anenih is a worthy piece about a dishonourable end. A good slogan sums up the beautiful article: May our end not be like Chief Anenih and may we know when to die politically in peace!

Zeroing in on the most unfortunate choice in the team, Femi Fani-Kayode. That he made the team confirms the incumbent’s desperation. Fani-Kayode is a bastard, in that he has ruined all political goodwill of his father. I am sure Chief Fani-Kayode of blessed memory is weeping in the grave-beyond for his son’s political gone-haywire-lifestyle. Femi successfully destroyed whatever is politically left of the goodhouse he came from. He is presently a political-no-weight and thief. Here are two prayer-slogans derivable from Fani-Kayode: May we never be accursed with children like Femi Fani-Kayode’s directionless waywardness! And may fate not make us fathers of political longthroat and potential prisoner!

I will not pity Femi if after PDP’s loss, Jonathan or Madam Patience decided to sue Femi for campaign fraud. Plus his EFFC file reactivated, there shall be no escaping prison for Femi Fani-Kayode. His crying way too loud and acceptance to lead Jonathan’s assault are his last hope before a sure political-death. Chief Obasanjo knew him well. Hear OBJ: Femi is my boy, he will do anything once you give him food (paraphrased). Fact is: Femi Fani-Kayode has never won an election and is no strategist. His political greenhornery plus naivity far outweigh that of Ribadu.

So, why and how did President Jonathan end up in the hands of two counrtywide political thief and pretender? The answer is the mirror: The president is best advised to get one for himself!

Talking Point: 2015 General Elections in Nigeria

It is less than 50 days to General Elections in Nigeria. It needs no saying that the best jingles right now are from various political parties and contesting politicians. Most paramount on the list of contested offices is the office of the president. With the attention the incumbent and his handlers give the APC candidate, President Jonathan has signaled the presidential election shall be between him and General Buhari. For the first time, he seems to have taken a right decision, albeit in his own interest. If only he had done same in issues that concern the country by acting this decisively on matters that matter, the electorate will need no firing up this tense to get him a re-election.

The presidential election shall be a very close contest. It shall very likely be a near close-loss for General Buhari, if he lost. And a very thin-win for the incumbent if he eventually won. The possibility of a re-run is high, going by tension not only in and around social media, but in prime states with real high number of eligible voters, e.g. talk of Kano many bombings and too many unrest in the Northern states. A geopolitical zone is practically presently ungovernable, i.e. the North-East. We need remember that a two-third-win of total vote-cast is still in place to win a presidential election. So, with Kano on fire and the North-East as a death-trap for Nigerians, General Buhari’s clear win or President Jonathan’s outright loss will require a genius abracadabra to realize. Plus this: Vote in Lagos shall be shared between PDP and APC! Lets wait and see.

Talking social media, it seems as though some media houses have sold themselves as mouthpieces to different camps, particularly to APC and PDP. SaharaReporters’ attempts to be a non-biased outfit is unsuccessful. An astute follower will know that that reports from her kitchen is clearly not Pro-President Jonathan. I understand SaharaReporters’ bias. Notwithstanding, I expect excellent journalism from her yard. I hope SaharaReporters adjust her reporting.

Vanguard Newspaper shamefully reports controversial and unconfirmed sturves. No doubt, the goal is simply to get unconfirmed lies and half-truths into the market. There are enough gullible voters to swallow the thing completely. I am sure even Sun Newspaper, best-known for her Boulevard Status, will be jealous of Vanguard new status as yellow-news-plus-propaganda-outlet. In short, Vanguard Newspaper has not done well at all.

I can only hope PremiumTimes will do well this time around to feed us with balanced and researched reporting. So far, I noticed her reporting tilts towards the incumbent, but not with unfounded reports like Vanguard.

At the rate things are going, it is likely too late to tell people to watch out for what they consume. It seems as though the more they are being told to watch-out, the faster they swallow and believe the bias, lies and half-truths. It is safe to conclude that majority already decided who the candidate of choice shall be come election day. Not to be hasty though, there are still many undecided voters to sway this or that way. The shock this time around is likely to be that the best campaigner and spender may not win. In the past twelve years, it is clear that Nigeria’s elections at presidential level go beyond campaigns, it is deal-cutting. The best deal-cutter is likely to carry the day.

Asiwaju Tinubu will not betray General Buhari this time around by cutting a-last minute-deal with President Jonathan. That much is certain. I am but sure the President will not relent on his oars until he has enough heavyweight behind him. On his visit to Minna, General Babangida urged anyone who loved Nigeria to vote President Jonathan. I am afraid the body language of General Maradona is more important than his words. If I were President Jonathan, I will take General Babaginda’s words only with a half-pinch or no salt at all. In fact, it is best to throw them real hard to the wind upon leaving the Minna Mansion.

Reverend Father Mbaka finally made a U-Turn with his sermon which has since gone viral on YouTube. He even demanded the incumbent step-aside for the People’s General. Men of God hardly surprise me. I suppose the president has either not given him enough money or the Man of God does not want to fall out of grace in case the president lost in February. Whatever the outcome of this election is, an important lesson politicians will learn is this: The lesser the number of Imams and Priests in their entourage, the more success they are likely to record in six years in office.

Truth be told, President Jonathan’s choice to carry his religion into Aso-Rock is not new, only that he probably went a step further by including arm-dealers cum gangster jet-flying money-changer-priests in his list of serving ministers. I would have been less-pained if he employed poverty-stricken Imams and Pastors in the rank and file of his spiritual swindlers.

Notwithstanding the poor performance the incumbent has to show for his six years in office, the number of eligible voters who have seemingly vowed to vote for him must not be underestimated. There are many factors responsible. One of them being the choice of APC presidential candidate, namely General Buhari.

Going by the fear of these people, they see the retired General as a liability too big even for himself. They see him as a mere figure-head and a sheer marionette, whose indebtedness shall simply be too much to Asiwaju Tinubu, APC is best advised to *kukuma* declare that a vote for the former is a vote for the latter. Therefore, instead of a pretending presidential candidate, General Buhari should come out to declare to his supporters who truly shall rule if he won!

He is simply not the awaited messiah. Add to that, many said the alliances that threw him up into our face as the singular and viable alternative to failed Jonathan is a far too compromised potpourri of criminals, one is safe to bet on the side of Jonathan’s siddon-look plus loot-us-tire kind of politics and tactics. Paraphrasing Ikhide, it is like leaving one pit-latrine for another pit-latrine. The stinking shit will/can only get more terribly piercing, thorough and thorough. More shit shall be shat on the people! So stay put with PDP?!

Many claim that APC is not PDP. They went further. They said the PDP-ers in APC are really the good-performers in the party they left behind. As such, their cross-carpeting to the APC portends something good for the country. I hope I understand the logic. There are many disgruntled APGA and PDP elements in the conglomeration which finally birthed the APC, in fact, there are so many of these politicians cum born-again commonwealth-thieves in the pretend party of change, namely the APC. The anger of those who have chosen to vote anything but APC is thus not unfounded.

Talking about voting anything but APC, this reminds of the voice of those on the side of change at all cost. They simply want to demolish a monstrous PDP. Their choice of demolition is by voting-out PDP at the center. Even Prof. Adesanmi belongs in this group. In a post, he seemed to submit that APC, being a party that is yet to be tried at the center, deserves a benefit of doubt. One could deduce that Prof. Adesanmi wanted anything but the incumbent, who is the greatest embarrassment Nigeria has ever had to lead her affairs.

At this point, a call for caution to the vanguards of change at all cost becomes necessary. Campaigning for four more years of phantom-change is clearly not what they wish for Nigeria. If their wish is measured in that proverbial standard of recognizing a man’s character by his company of friends, people bankrolling General Buhari’s election will not pass this sacred test.

Someone said if General Buhari had campaigned on a different theme other than change or corruption, he probably would have been taken serious. APC is after all a new PDP. The pillars and moneybags in APC are corruption personified. So, why lie to us? The fear is, voting in General Buhari under a renewed and reformatted PDP is more disastrous. The people argue it is safer and better to keep the PDP in power, that being the quickest pathway to allow the PDP a selfkill and for Nigeria to achieve a true and revolutionary change.

I am for a change with caution. True change is what Nigeria needs. The rate at which we demand for change in this election must be upheld even after the election. For instance, these vanguards who demand for change at all cost must be ready and willing among other demand to not turn a blind eye should the new president choose to not supply us uninterrupted electricity for two straight years! This is certainly not asking for too much!

All in all, the country must go to polls. Nigeria has once again been presented with two giant difficult choices. It is upon eligible voters to decide which of these two they shall cast for. I sincerely do not envy their predicament. Kamaparo oropesije!

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