by ahjotnaija

A real cool piece


When the pain hit my stomach that morning, I suspected the cause but prayed to God that I was wrong. Mom used to tell me about worms being the cause of stomach ache when we were young but the pain was more than two belligerent worms fighting for crumbs of the shawarma I consumed the previous night. I remembered taking the drugs, without a doctor’s prescription, drugs bought from a hawker at CMS bus stop at night. A hangover, the result of a night of clubbing and drinking with friends was also yet to clear that morning.

Father Lord, I promise never to try this again, I muttered, as I drove slowly in the early morning traffic around Silverbird Galleria. I tried to hide my discomfort from Lara. Lara was my latest crush who usually rode with me in the mornings. Our offices were on the same street.

Boom! came…

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