Corruption-Fight a la Deodorant or Insecticide by Ajibola Fabusuyi

by ahjotnaija


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For those who know Arabinrin Onochie, apparently one of the numerous aides appointed to launder the image of Buhari, please tell her that as far as her claim that Jonathan made some people millionaires is concerned, I agree completely. However, those that know her should please read her the Bible passage of removing the speck in the eyes of another while there’s a log in one’s own eyes.

If she still doesn’t understand, then say it to her plainly, but nicely, that she’s only saying things they want her to say, at least, to justify her pay.

Tell her inasmuch as I abhor corruption in all ramifications, I find selective anti-corruption fight even more appalling. Tell her that her Oga PMB didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, unlike many seem to believe.

Tell her her hero, PMB:

-Allowed his ex-Generals, namely Dambazzau and Buratai to go scot-free on corruption in the military while making others pay for same;

-Turned a deaf ear while his Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari use his office to do many shady deals including Foreign Exchange racketeering, Contract scams, and lately, arm-twisting Foreign Missions to pay him millions of our much needed pounds;

-Condoned and even claim witch-hunting when all Nigerians, including his own party men in the Senate Committee called out his SGF Babachir Lawal’s corruption, including embezzling N270million to cut an grass in an IDP camp in Yobe… and how the fellow started playing silly pranks to cover up…

There’s a long list, but let me stop here, at least to explain why many Nigerians have no sympathy for or belief in his so-called anti-corruption fight. No wonder Senator Shehu Sanni (Kaduna Central)’s description of the act as “…treating corrupt people in the opposition with insecticide, while treating our own (corrupt) people with deodorant!”)…

Finally, tell her that in addition to being incapable, lacking in initiative, divisive, egoistic and hopelessly nepotic; her hero PMB is only bent on punishing people in the opposition, who have benefited all the time he contested election and lost. Tell him this mind-set would only make him blind to real picture on ground in Nigeria, and that’s result, as it’s doing already, in absolutely no progress (take a look at Osinbajo yourself, and learn how to be a leader, at least from what I’ve seen so far).

I pray that he (PMB) recovers soon, so that we’d be able to tell him many things he’s done wrongly, including surrounding himself with very childish, hero-worshipping and image-laundering assistants who would never offer him constructive criticisms, but shameless sycophancy, who would not at least allow him to get first-hand suffering of ordinary Nigerians, while he’s busy fighting the already super-rich individuals that would always stay rich anyway, even after partying with a little of their loot or a few months in jail.

Again, I suppose some other hero-worshippers would still attack me on this piece, I dare say, real progress would only elude our country if we keep up with this attitude.

God bless us all.

AhjotNaijaBlog: Originally posted on Facebook by the author.