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Mr. Omoyele Sowore, 2019 Presidential Aspirant Visits Berlin for Townhall Meeting with A Breath of Fresh Hope for Nigeria

Convener of #TakeItBack Movement and Nigeria’s 2019 Presidential Aspirant Mr. Omoyele Sowore In Historic City of Berlin as A Breath of New and Fresh Hope In Nigeria Political Space. It was a full hall yesterday as #TakeItback Presidential Aspirant, Founder of Online Media Platform, Sahara Reporters, Mr. Omoyele Sowore came to Berlin the Capital of Germany to meet with Nigerians in pursuit of the race to Nigeria’s Presidency in 2019. It is worthy of note that the election and handing over to a new administration in Nigeria is less than a year from now. Therefore, Mr. Omoyele Sowore’s plans are in high gear to ensure no place is left unturned or untouched. Prior to the BErlin Townhall Meeting, he had been to Italy and several other cities, towns and villages in the North, South-South, South-East and South-West of Nigeria with Townhall Meetings. He continued to Barcelona Spain from Berlin Townhall Meeting spreading the #TakeItback Movement to Nigerians in every part of the world.


Presidential Aspirant and Converner of #TakeItBack Movement Mr Omoyele Sowore with Ms Abigail Okorodus, A Current European Union-Scholar(ERASMUS) and Alumnus of the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife Nigeria. Impressed by the intelligent multifaceted questions of MS Okorodus on pathways to financing and successful implementation outlined agenda in the manifesto acronymed SPICER-HEAT, Mr. Omoyele Sowore answered the questions with great indepth and analysis, and also agreed to take a selfie upon Ms. Okorodus request.

Prior to the powerfully attended Townhall Meeting in the historic city of Berlin, Mr. Omoyele Sowore met with leaders of Nigerian communities in Berlin, business leaders and entrepreneurs of Nigerian heritage. Also Nigerians with passion for social and community works were duly represented to dialogue and discuss matters and issues of the Nigerian state and Nigerians at large with Presidential Aspirant Mr Omoyele Sowore.
Nigerians with professions ranging from Doctors, Lawyers, Businesswomen and men, Traders, Musicians, Factory Workers,Teachers, Students, also Children and Parents came out in large numbers to attend.


L-R (1) Mr. Omoyele Sowore, Converner of #TakeItBack Movement and Nigeria’s Presidential Aspirant, (2) Mr. Okejimi Segun, A DAAD Scholar in Germany and (3) Publisher of http://www.ahjotnaija.wordpress.com Blog, Mr. Ibukunolu O. Ajagunna aka Ahjot Naija in Attendance at The Berlin Townhall Meeting

Nigerians all over the world tuned in online to join in on the Facebook-Live handle of the movement. The show of love and the daring power of hope was visibly represented among the people yesterday as Mr. Sowore thanked Nigerians for the strong faith and hope they have in the country and in the potentials of our people as a nation. He noted the historic importance of the Berlin visit pointing out that in 1884/85 was when Africa was divided up without the presence of Africans at the table to discuss and negotiate their own future. The #TakeItback Movement, having convened in Berlin is therefore a historic moment as it seeks to discuss and dialogue on the future of Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country and to see that it stays united and draw up new pathways for a successful administration of the country. “If Nigeria gets it right come 2019, Africa will get it right”, says Mr. Sowore.

Mr. Sowore listened with rapt attention and discussed matters arising with participants in manner worthy of a president giving indepth analysis of and into issues without mincing words on the urgency of the task at hand. In the Townhall Meeting, he addressed Nigerians and answered questions. He touched on his manifesto which is summed up in the acronym SPICER-HEAT, that is Security, Power, Infrastructure, Economy, Restructuring, Health, Education, Agriculture and Technology. He discussed in details each of these agenda and pathways to realize them, funding being a major factor that he left nobody in doubt will be taken care of.

He emphasized that his Presidency will not be business as usual. A great wind of positive renewal and intervention is about to happen in the Nigeria political and national space come 2019. He stated that Nigeria will have its pride of place once again among the comity of nations. Not only did he categorically state that Nigeria Airways will be brought back to alive, but also pointed out the economic loss the absence of a national carrier is to Nigerians, the Nigeria state and businesses.
Job creation was top of the discussion as he dived into the core of his agenda for the country. In the Power Sector alone, when solar and wind energy is properly harnessed and developed, it has the potential to employ over 2 million Nigerians, young and old alike. Agriculture, Health Sector among others will be rediscovered and new ways to tackling long standing problems in various sector of Nigeria’s daily life will be introduced.


Mr Omoyele Sowore, Converner of #TakeItBack Movement and Nigeria’s Presidential Aspirant at the Berlin-Schönefeld Airport with Mr. Victor Ayog, Coordinator of the Berlin Branch of the #TakeItBack Movement.

All in all, Mr. Omoyele Sowore is a breath of positive fresh air into the otherwise discredited political landscape in Nigeria. Nigerians in Disapora and Home are proud once again as the look forward to the emergence of Mr Omoyele Sowore as President of Nigeria in 2019. Many participants, both online and offline all around the world have continued to spread the message that there is hope after all for Nigeria once again.

Finally! Mr Muhammadu Buhari is President!

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Buhari is Inaugurated. For the first time in 16 years Nigeria will today inaugurate a president who emerged from the opposition in the March/April 2015 General Elections. The hithero ruling party PDP will occupy the opposition- a role it has thus far despised as being responsible for badmouthing Nigeria’s huge achievements while the party ruled the country into the mother of all ruins. The realization of a dream it is for the new president, but a larger dream come true it is for Nigerians because they worked tirelessly to vote out the incompetent incumbent. The till yesterday incumbent President Jonathan was the worst president to ever happen to Nigeria by all standards. We congratulate President Buhari on his inauguration and wish him a successful first term in this historic presidency.

Freddie Gray’s Death: Baltimore Officers Charged! President Obama wants Justice and Truth

It is confirmed. Mr. Freddie Gray of Baltimore, Maryland was at the time of arrest innocent. He did nothing to have warranted arrest. Yet six police officers of the Baltimore police department arrested, handcuffed and locked him behind their van for a rough-ride, from which he sustained spinal cord injuries. His death resulted from injuries in this death ride.

Up till today, the city of Baltimore had erupted in protest, being joined by sympathisers and cities from accross America and beyond. The major part of the protest had been peaceful with pockets of violence and property vandalisation recorded, which had also since been condemned in order to focus on the primary purpose of the protest, nanely police brutality against Blacks in America.

President Obama weighed in twice on the matter, first to condemn violent protesters while emphasizing the import of objective media reporting. Baltimore is a city with a history of unacceptable brutality, a soul searching mission within the rank and file of the city police department, within the community, Black and White and accross America were pressed home in the president’s message. Upon the charge of the six police officers, the president emphasized the necessity of justice to both the deceased Freddie Gray and the officers facing possible death sentence if convicted. The people of Baltimore want the truth, President Obama said with a voice laden with sadness and calm, deep in thought.

At least one of the accused is facing a second degree murder charge, a graver accusation than those of his accomplice whose action while on duty helped snuffed out life in Mr. Freddie Gray. In a CNN report, it was pointed out that being charged with murder is not same as being convicted of murder.

Thus, the celebration which is now ongoing upon the news of hearing the charges against the police officers is a first step in a two-step victory for the protesters. Many protesters knew this, they are but satisfied that the first move has been taken to getting justice for the death of Mr. Freddie Gray, an unarmed! Black, whose crime was running away for fear of death upon citing the police. As if Mr. Freddie Gray had known he would be killed! by the men who were meant to keep him alive. What an irony!

From hastag stop police brutality to Black Lives Matter to hastag FTC, meaning F*ck The Cop, rising frustration in America, particularly Black communities to underline the long history of unnecessary extra judicial police killing meted out to Blacks, not only in Baltimore, but in America at large is being aired. The Baltimore police, it was revealed in the past days of protest, has been particularly violent and adopted unfriendly policing policies of Blacks in the city.

Baltimore houses many crime prone areas, however experts warn that brutal policing is never an effective crime combating mechanism, in fact it could bolster that which the city wants to curtail. Looking outside the hammer-and-nail approach/tactics a la mass incanceration culture, police brutality (e.g killing Blacks for being Blacks etc) would help; issues of abject poverty among Black communities, existing wage disparity between Black and White communities and high unemployment cum unemployeability of young Blacks in the city need be addressed.

Like the long walk to freedom from slavery, the struggle for equal rights for Blacks fought for by the Civil Rights Movement, it is clear that the journey to ending police brutality against America’s Black population will be long. One can but be comforted in that old slave song which hold true till this day, and anytime sung, connects to the fight/yearnings for freedom by foremothers and -fathers as they tilled the massa’s plantation: WE SHALL OVERCOME, WE SHALL OVERCOME, WE SHALL OVERCOME SOMEDAY…! And they did overcome!

Like the president, I demand that the process of getting justice for Mr. Freddie Gray be fair and truthful, only then can true soul searching to finding solution to the American police culture of brutality commence.

AIT’s Ban: A Wrong Step in the Right Direction?!

General Buhari

General Buhari

President-Elect Buhari has since his election taken two false steps; the first being to address a group of mainly Hausa audience in his own native language, which is also Hausa. Ordinarily, this would be no gaffe, but the matter being addressed offered a plausible call for a political dissatisfaction among many Nigerians. To some, speaking Hausa to a Hausa audience about prosecuting oil theft, when it was crystal clear that those who shall be brought before the law shall include Niger Deltans, is high-handed. Many wished the president-elect start seeing himself as who he is, namely Nigeria’s Number One Citizen, thus he must use the lingua franca of the majority at all times no matter the audience.

Hardly had the hulabaloo around this lingua franca controversy died out, came yet another faux step: AIT is barred from Buhari’s compound. Actually, there are many colorations to what happened, words like “ban”, “bar”, “disallow”, “forbid” among many others litter the social media to describe the latest action of The People’s General, what is thus clearly portrayed is unmistaken: Mr. Buhari, citing security grounds, wanted no media outfit that is compromised in his immediate domot.

We need not cover mouth with leaf when talking about AIT; we are well aware the owner Mr. Dokpesi is a thoroughly compromised man through and through. He left nobody in doubt of his romance with late dictator Sani Abacha. Most recently, his media house broadcast terrible lies prior to 2015 General Election, thereby wanting to better the winning chance of the incumbent, President Jonathan, who conceded defeat in a historical election in Nigeria. Once again, Mr. Dokpesi confirmed his allegiance would be unwaivering as long as the highest bidder is the person in power.

Returning to the torrent being generated from both camps, i.e. the pro- and anti-Buhari in response to Buhari’s action, a very close reminder of Mr. Buhari’s dictatorship in the 1980s, the camps could not be more divided than they have always been. A new addition to the divided camps is the division in the pro-Buhari camp itself. There are those who stated in no uncertain terms that Mr. Buhari’s action is condemnable. On the other side within the same camp are those who consider Mr. Buhari should have gone beyond “barring” AIT, they wanted something stronger. Apparently, this group within the pro-Buhari camp are the ultra wing, leaning towards Right elements of any political association. A reasonable opinion would ignore calls from such people.

Considering weighted opinion among supporters of President-Elect Buhari, Mr. Sowore, Publisher of Sahara Reporters, pointedly condemned this action by fiat from the media team of the incoming president. Professor Adesanmi went beyond condemning the action, he suggested intelligent ways to “suppress” unfriendly media outfits, which will cause close-to-no uproar from either camps. Hear both of them:

“Buhari bans AIT from covering his programs- I strongly condemn this action on the part of President-Elect’s team. No media platform(s) should be persecuted for refusing to support his candidature for the 2015 election.” Sowore, Publisher Sahara Reporters.

“…No, you cannot ban or prohibit or prevent a media group from covering your activities. In a democracy, the worst you can do is to “freeze out” journalists and media groups making you uncomfortable…” Professor Pius Adesanmi

A government of vendetta is the least desirable for Nigeria starting May 29, 2015. At no time in our history is it more paramount to focus on national building than now, putting in place structures that shall outlive thevincoming government. There is of course nothing that so far suggest President-Elect Buhari would do less than he had promised, it is but pertinent he is reminded by those managing his public statement/personality that he might be in for a rougher presidency if he would not be less careless as to what he says and how he says it. From reactions from all ends, one is safe to conclude that actions like this second misstep is good food for roforofo fighters, so much so that if care is not taken, the presidency is only left with covering up for Buhari’s dictatorial yansh every now and then due to, yeah, well-intended actions/statements, but packaged in wrong words. We must remember the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Returning to Professor Adesanmi’s injunction to the president-elect and supporters in an attempt to discard overzealous anti-Buhari element who will want to make capital gain from this unfortunate development, they are to ignore the noise in the market, failure to do so would result in distraction. Distraction, one could deduce from his submission, is not good for the atmosphere of the national work on ground. I agree.

In the same spirit, Mr. Buhari need be ready to act statemanly and as democracy demands, ignoring AIT’s irresponsible journalism of recent past as one noise in the bigger Nigerian space would have been a wiser approach. Actions and statements that remind of his dictatorship past must be avoided by all means, and he should remain focused on putting together a formidable team which we patiently await to lead us out of a traumatic (recent) past as a country into a change we voted him to lead.

Editor’s note: I read just now that APC, party of President-Elect Buhari has lifted coverage ban on AIT.

Jonathan Out! Buhari In! Death-Wisher-Fayose Congratulates President-Elect Buhari

General Buhari

General Buhari

A failure has not many acquaintances. Same is the fate of Nigeria’s incumbent president yesterday when his loss became irreversible. Many strongest supporters disappeared into thin air. Some praised President Jonathan for the display of good sportsmanship in that he had called the winner of the 2015 General Elections even before Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) announced the winner. Nigerians, many of whom favored change, celebrate(d) with the People’s General on the occasion of this well deserved victory. It was a victory not only for General Buhari but for the Nigerian people.

In the same vein, the saying that a successful man is everyone’s friend/relative, found fulfillment yesterday in Governor Fayose’s action. It was gathered that he called General Buhari to congratulate him. He warned the country is greater than any individual, we should not in anyway rock the country.

Going by Governor Fayose’s death wish for the General, which he went as far as publishing in national dailies prior to the election, one could not but wonder his sudden change of heart and call for reconciliation. If anything, Governor Fayose had cried-wished the loudest landslide loss for the People’s General. His U-turn means this: he has a personal interest to protect.

For example, Fayose’s election as Governor is still much controversial. Beyond the leaked tape of election rigging, there is indication that he was not qualified to run for that office because he had once been impeached. He was yet to fulfill the number of years stipulated in the constitution to re-contest.

Worthy of mention is Elder Orubebe’s display of shame when INEC chairman, Professor Jega held a news conference. He accused the chairman of corruption and compromise. He would not be calmed and was consequently escorted out of the building so the collation and announcement of results could continue.

All through the interruption, Professor Jega was calm and coordinated. He commented Orubebe’s action as unbecoming of an elder. According to him, Orubebe was a statesman in his own right, being a former minister of Nigeria, he should watch is public conduct and actions. Orubebe’s disruption has since been updated on Wikipedia, the world’s online encyclopedia.

Nigerian English has since been updated too. New nouns and adjectives ranging from “jega”, “orubebe”, “jegamycin”, “orubebeism”, “jegality”, “orubebvin”, “jegaland”, “jegatrick”, “jegamethod”, “jega-advice” among many others were added. Orubebe’s rude behavior was thus a blessing in disguise for Nigerian English.

The outcome of the presidential election confirms many things. Here is one: power resides only in the electorate. The electorate can give and take it back at wish! This realization is a good development for Nigeria’s nascent democracy.

General Buhari campaigned on change and as an anti-corruption Cesar. Christian Amanpour of CNN yesterday aired an interview in which the General was heard saying that if corruption was not killed in the country, it would kill Nigeria. Nigerians voted for change so that their country will not be killed by this many-headed monster. I congratulate them on this new dawn.

MidWeekSpecial by ‘Dapo Ajayi: Prof. Sonaiya of KOWA Party dares to be Nigeria’s President!

Mr. Oladapo Ajayi is Nigerian and Master student resident in Germany. He is the initiator of the TACTProject, a NGO practically committed to giving poor children a fair chance at education in Nigeria. He is an activist and a grassroot political and community organiser

Mr. Oladapo Ajayi is Nigerian and Master student resident in Germany. He is the initiator of the TACTProject, a NGO practically committed to giving poor children a fair chance at education in Nigeria. He is an activist and a grassroot political and community organiser

I met Prof Remi Sonaiya in 2005 at the Foreign Languages Department, OAU, Ile-Ife. Her lectures throughout my undergraduate days were always fruitful. She is a very organized teacher. she dared not come to class unprepared, if she must miss class, believe me there must be a make-up of the hours lost; I emphasize: ALL HOURS lost.

Sometimes in 2006, I was home for a weekend visit, my maternal uncle died during my stay and it was enough reason for me to stab some lectures. Once I returned to the campus, I realized I missed Prof. Sonaiya’s test, so I headed straight for her office especially because I thought I had a strong excuse; remember my uncle passed on. I told Prof. Soniaya my well-rehearsed line. Hear her response: Young man, every decision one makes in life has consequences, you must learn to take responsibility for your actions, since you decided to miss the CA for your uncle’s death, you must take responsibility. Prof Sonaiya told me to be prepared for the second CA so as not to fail…

On another occasion, as a Yoruba I addressed Prof. Sonaiya as *mummy*. She told me: Young man, this is a university, we do not have Daddies, mummies, Uncles and Aunties here. We have Professors, Doctors, Mr and Mrs.

My department has 3 student clubs. Sometime in 2007 the President of the French club was involved in an accident, so he was hospitalized for months. During this period the university appointed Prof. Remi Sonaiya as our Head of Department. We were excited or pretended to be that change was in the department. No one doubted her ability to deliver or make our department work better.

In the course of a meeting, I discussed the performance of our student’s club especially the no-show in the French club due to our president’s ill-health. Behold, Prof. Sonaiya challenged me to coordinate the club and make it work since I so much cared about the club (remember it was my second year in the university. By constitution a president should be a final year student.The challenge she posed also included the fact that she would also be a part of the club if we made it work. Voila, I became the coordinator of the French club in my second year.

I remember with pride how ambitious my team became almost immediately because we had a grind to settle with other clubs that had been shinning due to the lack of activity in the French club. We went as far as hosting an inter-university debate completion. University of Ibadan participated in the competition, I remember we got the full support Of the HOD, she supported both financially and with all that was within her reach.

Due to my very restless nature, I was always around the students club and administration and yearly we sought support from the Alumni of the department, more often our support revolved around financial assistance. So it happened that in 2007 we approached our HOD for financial support. Prof Sonaiya did not hesistate to express her displeasure on how unrealistic students’ tastes and budgets were, she said to us: You students know how to spend money of those working for money, in fact you know how to help them plan their money. She criticized our wasteful taste and lifestyles that will go all out for expensive end of the year dinner/award night. In a nut shell, Prof Sonaiya showed it to our face how twisted our minds were.

Towards the end of the year 2007, Prof. Remi Soniaya had her Inaugural lecture at the conference centre OAU, Ile-ife. She subsidized the lecture for all the participants. For that, she broke the tradition of serving food or throwing party for inaugural lectures. Her argument was that the cost of food was converted to making lecture booklets available to all participants.

For many of us Prof. Sonaiya retired too early.

That is my Professor. She is a personal mentor for all these reasons. I later became president of the overall student association in my department. Believe me, Prof. Sonaiya’s seed had germinated so much that my administration would not prepare requests for flimsy projects. I still remember we had a very modest final year award night and we left legacies that uplifted the standard of the association’s members.  Believe me, I am always proud to look back.

Somehow, I have not been able to meet Prof. Sonaiya since I graduated from Ife, she is however close to me through the social media. Saving occassional shared personal messages and updates, our relationship has been close but distant.

Some weeks ago, a Facebook post indicated Prof Sonaiya would be representing KOWA party in the forthcoming presidential election. As a matter of fact, Prof. Sonaiya is the only female in the race. I know Prof. Sonaiya might not be Nigeria’s president but I know a good personality in her. Only if she had started her campaign early enough, connecting with women and men across Nigeria especially those not on social media!

I am not going to vote for Prof. Sonaiya because I will not vote in the coming election. Plus I campaign privately that we have nothing to lose by choosing Buhari’s APC.

I once attended OAU All souls Anglican Church in 2009. To my surprise, I saw my admirable Prof. Soniaya in the choir robe singing at a wedding event. This personality is a round intellectual! Devoted to God, family and humanity. She is an excellent scholar, a perfectionist, a goal getter, a disciplined mind and a firm personality. Prof. is endowed with integrity which is a virtue that is needed in our society. I can only wish her well; truly, I appeal to undecided voters to follow a woman whom your conscience will never blame you for supporting.

So as we march for Change in Nigeria, we need more ordinary Nigerians like Prof. Sonaiya who are  competent to lead Nigeria for better.

Burkina-Faso on Fire. Protesters and Opposition Demand President Campaore’s Exit!

The demonstration and countrywide protests which kicked off yesterday in Burkina-Faso did not start yesterday. It began actually 27 years ago with the murder of the people’s captain, Thomas Sankara. France and her agent Blaise Campaore killed one of Africa’s prophets in Burkina-Faso.

The setting ablaze of parliament building etc is an explosion of people’s anger. President Blaise Campaore under strict watch of France had presided for such a long time over this keg of gun powder. It shall eventually explode, no matter how long it took. The demonstration is the beginning of the explosion.

In fairness, 27 years is a time long enough for any government to listen/fulfill the aspirations of her own people. Unfortunately, this is apparently not the case in Burkina-Faso, like in many other outright and demi-dictatorship across French-speaking Africa.

It is undeniable that France only gave her West Africa colonies independence, but refused to leave. France is the proverbial helicopter-parent; she is permanently interfering in the affairs of these countries, covertly and most times overtly. France would stop at nothing to *destroy* a disobedient child to have her way. France is such a merciless beast-parent.

Closely observing the wind of protest sweeping through Burkina-Faso, which culminated into this uncontrollable outburst of rage, I want to call for cautious optimism. I am much delighted Burkina-Faso finally gathered enough civil-courage to demand the exit of a killer-president.

However, we must be quick to remember that the exit of President Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast did not necessarily translate the land into a people’s paradise. It is only a replacement of a disillusioned marionette with a better French-brainwashed puppet. An astute watcher of France (West) Africa’s policy understands that France’s support for these installed marionette-rulers in the phantom-independent French-speaking African states is an open-secret. Considering the French-Factor therefore, we must wait cautiously for the proverbial pocket-bird to be fully exposed to confirm its true color.

The main demand of the opposition in the name of the people is this- the exit of President Campaore, which is far overdue anyway. The opposition demands the constitution be respected. Besides, the people are clearly tired of President Campaore’s rule of 27 years. Saying he failed them woefully, is simply confirming the very obvious. Burkina-Faso is rich in poverty. The probability is very high that the uncountable life-threatening slums, hungry children and pictures of pestilential poverty of Africa shown in various international media could have been from Burkina-Faso. The president successfully ravaged and looted the country blind.

Could it be that President Campaore has stepped on the toes of her benefactor, so that France consider it is time to throw him out? Or is the countrywide protest indeed the brainchild of a people raped of the human-dignifying existence and taken for a shameful ride for over two decades? What/who will replace President Blaise Campaore? What does the future hold for the land in a post-Balise Campaore democracy? These and many more are questions that must busy us while the protest last.

The protesters seem undaunted in their demand. One can only wish them good luck. Burkina-Faso and West Africa shall definitely miss President Campaore if the people truly succeed to topple him in this countrywide protest. I am thinking of possible withdrawal symptoms already. Poor Burkina-Faso! 😦

General Buhari Joins 2015 Presidential Race! They’re Serial Losers!- Dr. Doyin Okupe


General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB) declares to contest the 2015 General Election yesterday in Abuja. Clearly, he intends to flagbear his presidential aspiration on the platform of the APC, Nigeria’s strongest opposition.

GMB accused the president and the PDP, the rulling party, of presiding over the country’s decline. In GMB’s words, the government is unthinking. He went further, simply because you sell oil and steal part of the money does not entitle you to cook figures and announce phantom economic growth when all the major indices namely, employment, manufacturing, farming, trading are demonstrably on the decline.

He was particular, among other woes, of the state of power supply in the country. He bemoaned the failure of the invested 20 billion Dollar to yield positive result. He promised, we plan to do it differently.

Many GMB’s stalwarts and social media-soldiers have since taken over the internet, jubilant of the General’s declaration. GMB has, in the words of many, a messianic status. They strongly believe the General is the only alternative to Nigeria’s nightmares.


SaharaReporters has since started an e-poll to determine a winner, if Nigeria’s presidential election was held yesterday. No doubt, responses from the poll with over 5000 participants favor GMB as many faithfuls plastered the poll result on their Facebook walls. Tweets swelled. Another confirmation of their wish to see the realization of a GMB presidency.

Meanwhile, Dr. Doyin Okupe, spokesman to President Jonathan and the president’s most-feared attackdog, voiced the opinion of millions of PDP supporters when he confidently said President Jonathan shall be contesting against serial losers. His reaction was in connection to GMB’s declaration of intent yesterday to join the presidential race. The PDP debunked GMB’s claim of a declining economy as misleading and untrue.

Nigeria’s prominent literary critic, Ikhide R. Ikheloa seems to confirm in a satiric post Dr. Okupe’s confident reaction and the unspoken fear of millions of GMB’s supporters, when he wrote on Facebook, I like that “General” Buhari, knows he is not going to win Aso Rock but he soldiers on. And at 85, he looks great! I’d love to look like that at 40!

GMB has contested at least twice for the office of president and lost on every occasion.





Patrick Sawyer’s Plague and the Panic-Marabouts’ Solution

At least, now we know that some Nigerians actually bathed with saltwater solution in an attempt to save/rescue their skin from the fast and wide spreading killer Ebola virus. In a country where ignorance is strongly present, things like this are come place. Besides, it is a known fact that the epidemic has presently no known cure. Thus, any rumored solution or near-efficacious medication shall be a welcome idea, news of which would run faster than wildfire would in a terribly hot summer. Panicking would then become the order of the day. The people are desperately in search of a viable savior in the face of a deadlier than HIV infection. One has no choice than to resort to the most-called-on being in Africa, namely God to come to the rescue of his faithful children. I hope he would.

In what seemed to be a coordinating effort by the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) to combat this terrible virus, the President put together a research team and earmarked over a billion naira for research purpose. Truth be told, this effort is as good as medicine after death. The FGN is known for this lazy and near-populistic approach to matters of high importance. Definitely, the virus was not discovered yesterday nor since the recent outbreak. It has been in the West African subregion since the 1970s. It needs no telling that the decision of the FGN is a move too late. Lest I forget, the renowned Professor Maurice Iwu is on the team of appointed researchers! On reading the breaking news, I could only scream: God save your people!

It need no reminding that Professor Maurice Iwu is a political tool in the hands of the People Democratic Party (PDP). Nigeria is yet to fully recover from the elections conducted by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) under Professor Iwu’s supervision as chairman. Just like the presence of a he-goat cannot be unnoticed, hardly was the research team announced that we heard of a possible kolanut-therapy for the raging Ebola virus. Professor Iwu was credited with this therapeutic abracadabra. It is very sad that anyone would be ready to con his own people as always! It needs no soothe-telling that the fund allocated is a booty already shared among the faithful researchers!

I read on a Facebook wall where it was jovially asked if the so-called wonder serum, which *healed* the two US-Americans and which is probably being applied on the infected Spanish priest is not good for *Negroes*! Can anyone blame USA or Spain for caring for their citizens? As usual, the only place Africa, and particularly the West Africa subregion look to right now is the West- the developed world for solution to a virus that is said to have originated from Africa!

Well, I understand the panic caused by the terrifyingly dangerous Ebola virus as it kills almost assuredly once contacted. With no cure in sight, anybody would panic just as bad. Allow me to ask though, if Africa is not already being hit by a more catastrophic epidemic and crisis of catastrophic heights. Talk of malaria and tuberculosis. They kill in millions! Talk of child mortality and women death during childbirth! The numbers are alarming! Talk of lack of edible water and food for starving children! Talk of anything bad, it can be found on that continent!

I must be swift to add at this point that this is not self-hate or wanting to show only the bad-side of Africa. This is the naked truth. Besides, if there is any good-side to show, then certainly not good enough so long there are hungry children with no shelter over their head. Mind you, hungry children are even the least Africa’s problems. The list of our woes is endless!

African leaders have always abandoned the continent to her fate. The people suffer thus very greatly when there is a health crisis of this capacity. Beyond usual rhetorics, announcements and setting-up of research teams, there is no serious moves from the African continent to finding a solution. I oftentimes wonder when Africans shall turn on their true-oppressors- the African leaders! If not now, then probably when there is a plague as terrible as the Black Death! One can only hope the USA or any other country in the West finds a viable cure on time. Of course, a cure shall never be found by the research teams put together by various African countries.

Talking about saltwater solution again, only anyone who is un-sincere would be surprised that there are those who fell for it. There are posts making round on Facebook on how stupid any educated person is, who actually bathed with the farce of a cure. To say the truth, it is not shocking that the farcical cure was proposed and believed by many Nigerians (West Africans). After all, we must not forget too quickly we live on a continent where people were told to eat grass and they did. I recently watched a television report where people bathed in a dirty and muddy river because it is believed it can cure them of their infirmities! Really, the saltwater solution is the least of terribly unfathomable fables that we fell for as Africans. We might have fallen too far to be saved! I terribly hope it is not too late though!

About Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian who successfully transported the virus to Nigeria. For once, I would agree with President Jonathan. He called it madness and pure craziness on the part of Patrick Sawyer to have chosen to fly to Nigeria of all places! The Liberian President was sorry he escaped surveillance. Of course, according to her, Liberia would never have wanted him to escape! There are those who believe Sawyer was an agent of evil. I do not subscribe to this opinion, but the people who hold it, might not be absolutely wrong in their belief. So many questions begged for answers, really. Anyway, I think it is best left at that. It makes no sense crying over spilled milk. Either way, the virus would still have reached Nigeria, by flight, by foot or any other means. Our borders and various control posts are as good as non-existent in the eye of corruption! Even death-in-person himself would have found a way through them if it can pay!

The issue is now this: a reasonable government would have, for precautionary purpose, wanted all those on that particular flight from Liberia be tested and quarantined until certified they are Ebola-free. I doubt it if the passengers’ list can be provided. Beyond a passengers’ list that will not surface, in a saner society, those on the flight would have turned-up willingly for a check-up. This is a matter of life and death and the possibility of killing more people with infection! Come to think of it, the poor nurse who attended to the Liberian is long dead! To run into hiding is the stupidest thing to do. Yet, I am almost sure none of these passengers have shown up, whereas they are not unaware that it is already too late once Ebola symptoms are visible. One cannot but ask this troubling question: what exactly is wrong with us Africans?

In the news, a 51-year old Romanian turned himself in when he suspected on returning from West Africa he might have contacted the dreaded virus. He was tested and placed under observation. That would have been a major case on the European continent after the Spanish priest who was moved home. The case of a West African who was suspected in Hamburg has been cleared. He is not infected. Canada and Hong-Kong tested two suspected cases of Ebola, both negative. Many countries are now very alert. This is a good thing to do pending the discovery of a viable anti-Ebola drug. We await the result of a German student in Rwanda who is being quarantined on suspicion he might have contacted the virus. Until his blood-test result is received, fingers are still crossed. If confirmed, that would be the first case in the East African subregion. We hope it is not. Tonight at the Lagos Airport in Nigeria, panic almost took over when a passenger slumped and died. Of course, the first suspicion was Ebola. According to report, those around the passenger fled. Thank Goodness he tested negative.

With reports like this in and around the world, it clearly shows that the deadly virus might be mainly present for now in Africa, it takes no time however for its effects to be felt around the world with dire consequences. It is no more an African problem, it is an international problem. The world will certainly win the battle against this deadly virus, but at what cost. This cost implication remains presently uncertain.

True that so far, people in the West African subregion live in constant fear and near-resignation, but it must be said that if the heaven must fall, then it is no more the problem of a single person; therefore the whole world must prevent this heaven from collapsing on us all!

In the meantime, West Africans and certainly the wider world keep hope alive that an effective cure/therapy is found soon enough.

on a final note, I must not but salute the many doctors, nurses, aid-workers and many volunteers, who are diligently committed in their chosen field of saving lives even at risk of loosing their own lives! Respect! Many thanks to them for doing a real great job in this trying period particularly for West Africa and the world at large. Your selfless service makes the world a better place with each passing day. We love you!

A Phenomenal Ajibola Adeoya (Dr. Jeeebz)

Ajibola Adeoya (Dr. Jeebz)

Ajibola Adeoya (Dr. Jeebz)

Ajibola Adeoya (Dr. Jeebz) is one beautiful singer; a lover of good music would fall for his lyrics immediately; all that is needed to get hooked to the goodly loaded song is to simply listen. One good characteristic of an excellent song is this: every single word counts! Dr. Jeebz achieved this unique feature in his latest piece.

Titled *Ife Yen*, a sequel to Oro (another beautiful musical piece) confirms my opinion of Dr Jeebz as a first-class lyricist, singer and soul-knower. The song has a mellow flow, which comes through effortlessly. There is an originality to it that makes the song really cool. Every item blended therein seems to gel so well, thereby creating an appropriate atmosphere to wing the message over to the receiver/listener.

The lyrics blend so well with the beat, combined with the right vocal force, which is best described in the superlatives, brings the unique message of the song to bear. The effect is simply therapeutic; a good food for the soul. Really, the song has a soft effect. It brings to the fore a feeling that magically thrills the soul. With this musical piece, Dr. Jeebz successfully established himself as a force that is truly arrived to enrich and entertain knowers of good music.

Ife Yen is a lyrical ballad which samples elements of folk music, soul and African rhythms. It is delivered in an emotion laden voice. Dr. Jeebz tells a love story, he engages the listener throughout the duration of the song. There is hardly anyone who does not want love. This makes the song a good deal for all. The song is a balm for lovebirds. It can be very comforting for any soul in search of love. The lovesick would certainly found a connecting point in the song. I am very sure the God of Love is thankful for this beautiful piece from the phenomenal singer.

Dr. Jeebz is best looked at as an individually unique singer, which he is indeed. Listening to the song, he strikes as one potpourri of so many musical sides. Imagine a blend of voices as uniquely beautiful as those of Asa and a Dr. Victor Olaiya in an entity, combined with the lyrical excellence of a Tunji Oyelana; now insert this entity in a Tuface Idibia’s art of bringing out the musical best in any song, this time around soul-fully African. I believe Dr. Jeebz rightly fits this description with his latest musical piece.

AhjotNaija will feature shortly an interview with this phenomenal singer.

Ajibola Adeoya (Dr. Jeebz)

Ajibola Adeoya (Dr. Jeebz)

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