A Phenomenal Ajibola Adeoya (Dr. Jeeebz)

by ahjotnaija

Ajibola Adeoya (Dr. Jeebz)

Ajibola Adeoya (Dr. Jeebz)

Ajibola Adeoya (Dr. Jeebz) is one beautiful singer; a lover of good music would fall for his lyrics immediately; all that is needed to get hooked to the goodly loaded song is to simply listen. One good characteristic of an excellent song is this: every single word counts! Dr. Jeebz achieved this unique feature in his latest piece.

Titled *Ife Yen*, a sequel to Oro (another beautiful musical piece) confirms my opinion of Dr Jeebz as a first-class lyricist, singer and soul-knower. The song has a mellow flow, which comes through effortlessly. There is an originality to it that makes the song really cool. Every item blended therein seems to gel so well, thereby creating an appropriate atmosphere to wing the message over to the receiver/listener.

The lyrics blend so well with the beat, combined with the right vocal force, which is best described in the superlatives, brings the unique message of the song to bear. The effect is simply therapeutic; a good food for the soul. Really, the song has a soft effect. It brings to the fore a feeling that magically thrills the soul. With this musical piece, Dr. Jeebz successfully established himself as a force that is truly arrived to enrich and entertain knowers of good music.

Ife Yen is a lyrical ballad which samples elements of folk music, soul and African rhythms. It is delivered in an emotion laden voice. Dr. Jeebz tells a love story, he engages the listener throughout the duration of the song. There is hardly anyone who does not want love. This makes the song a good deal for all. The song is a balm for lovebirds. It can be very comforting for any soul in search of love. The lovesick would certainly found a connecting point in the song. I am very sure the God of Love is thankful for this beautiful piece from the phenomenal singer.

Dr. Jeebz is best looked at as an individually unique singer, which he is indeed. Listening to the song, he strikes as one potpourri of so many musical sides. Imagine a blend of voices as uniquely beautiful as those of Asa and a Dr. Victor Olaiya in an entity, combined with the lyrical excellence of a Tunji Oyelana; now insert this entity in a Tuface Idibia’s art of bringing out the musical best in any song, this time around soul-fully African. I believe Dr. Jeebz rightly fits this description with his latest musical piece.

AhjotNaija will feature shortly an interview with this phenomenal singer.

Ajibola Adeoya (Dr. Jeebz)

Ajibola Adeoya (Dr. Jeebz)

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